FREEBIE: 5 Things To Do Before Contacting a Brand or PR Agency

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Beauty Blogging Tips - 5 Things To Do before contacting a brand or PR agency

A question I frequently get asked is how to get on PR lists and be sent beauty products from brands to try and review.

To help a sister out I have put together a FREE guide with 5 things you should consider doing before reaching out to brands and PR agencies so you can make an amazing first impression and secure your spot on their list!

To access this free guide enter your name and email address above, click 'Get The Guide' and the download link will come up on your screen. There is also a special announcement on the last page of the guide you might be interested in so be sure to check it out :)

Follow these 5 steps and not only will you build long lasting relationships with brands and PR agencies but you will have more beauty products than you will know what to do with!