Beauty Blogging Challenge - Starting Soon!
Beauty Blogging Bootcamp - how to start a profitable beauty blog

I'm Marisa your beauty blogging P.T ready to help you build your dream blog and turn your passion for beauty into profit!

During this challenge I am going to introduce you to some of the fundamentals of starting a blog, creating kick ass content, attracting your tribe and working with brands and agencies.

Let's quit the daydream and start making your blogging dreams a reality today!



DAY 1: Starting a Blog with Power and Purpose

DAY 2: Designing Your Dream Blog

DAY 3: Planning and Creating Kick Ass Content

DAY 4: Attracting Your Tribe

DAY 5: Working with Brands and PR Agencies

Beauty Blogging Challenge

Don’t make starting a blog your New Year’s Resolution, join the challenge and have your blog up and running for 2019!


The Beauty Blogging Bootcamp was so insightful and jam packed with information! Marisa is so relatable and has a way of breaking everything down so it is easy to understand and removes the overwhelm. I left every live video incredibly motivated and inspired! I feel confident to launch my blog now!
— Lauren @laurendevereauxxx
I had the greatest pleasure of joining Marisa’s Blogging Challenge and it came at the perfect time for me. I had been blogging for two years before going on a break as it got to the point where I didn’t know what to do next. Thanks to this amazing lady and her informative live sessions, I was able to get direct information and ask questions while interacting with other liked minded women in this little community she has created. Marisa was willing to follow up on all comments and was invested in where we were at in our blogging journeys. This would have to be the most interactive online course that I have signed up to and to be honest I have paid for some online course just for them to spam me with useless extension classes that have taught me nothing. There were so many things that I have picked up from the challenge which I have already put into practice and it helped give me a different prospective. Again, thanks Marisa for giving me the motivation and the inspiration that I truly needed for my blogging journey.
Marisa took us on a 5-day course that saw us cover everything from PR to having more confidence in ourselves.
She has so much knowledge and experience! It was helpful to clarify a few things with her on my own thoughts.
Brilliantly done Marisa!
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I registered for the Blogging Bootcamp Challenge and whether I would benefit from it. I was extremely surprised how enjoyable it was. Marisa was really easy to understand and she took the time to answer everyone’s questions even after the bootcamp was over.

Marisa provided so much invaluable information that I still refer to it. I recommend it to all bloggers whether they are just starting out or have been blogging for a while like me.
— - Bernadette @beauty.reign
Beauty Blogging Bootcamp - how to turn your passion for beauty into profit