D.I.Y Instagram Audit

a guide to optimising your INSTAGRAM account for maximum engagement!

I have designed this step-by-step Instagram audit guide just for you - the frustrated InstaAddict who is tired of creating content nobody sees and trying to beat that annoying algorithm!

While the ‘Gram is great for sharing your OOTD and what you ate for brunch, it is also a powerful social media platform and a huge opportunity for you to get your brand, business, product or service in front of your target audience.

But with engagement at an all time low, you need to ensure you have your Instagram account set up to work for you and not against you. Which is why I have designed this self paced D.I.Y Instagram audit, so you can optimise your Instagram account for success.

If you are constantly Googling how to beat the Instagram algorithm, please STOP and let’s look at what is right in front of you!

Did you know as of June 2018 almost 500 million daily active users? Are you using your Instagram account effectively and with intent to reach any of those people? If not you are in the right place and only clicks away to optimising your Instagram account for maximum results.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Wake up each morning with loyal new followers

  • Create a community of engaged fans who are counting down til your next post

  • Get clicks AND conversions

  • Stop worrying about the algorithm and start focusing on what you do best

  • Have followers turn into friends and connect with people who share your passion and values

  • Not spend endless hours trying to find the ‘magic trick’ to getting followers

  • Not spend a cent on social media advertising

I created this audit because I know what it feels like to:

  • Spend hours creating content which nobody seems to see

  • Feel fed up with the algorithm and its constant changes

  • Feel like I am fighting a losing battle and I should just pack it in

  • Be overwhelmed with

In this audit I cover:

  • Back to basics - navigating your way around the ‘Gram

  • Setting up your Instagram Account for Success

  • Creating a boss Bio

  • The Power of Hashtags #HowYouCanUseThemToReachTheRightPeople

  • Creating Content that Converts

  • Posting Frequency

  • Excelling at Engagement

  • Insta Stories and why you NEED to be on them

  • Showing up on Instagram

  • Links and link tree - driving traffic to where it matters

You will also get TWO BONUS guides:

  • The Apps I use to create ALL my content (valued at $X)

  • Phone Photography - why you don’t need a fancy camera or expensive equipment (valued at $X)

Get all this and more for a one time payment of only $97 AUD
(or 2 equal monthly payments of $49AUD)

This is completely self paced so you can stop and start whenever you like but I highly recommend putting each module into practice as you go to see maximum results.


  • Use your Instagram to tell a story

  • What problem are you solving for people through your Instagram account?

  • Keep it clean and consistent

  • Give the people what they want

  • Be strategic with your posting - frequency and schedule

  • Shopping on Instagram - How to set up a product library which you can link to your posts so people can shop straight away

  • Are you showing up? I am REALLY showing up, not just posting every day but are you on Insta Stories are you engaging with your audience? Not just answering comments when you feel like it but talking to them, building relationships