Get Your Brow Game On!


Getting your brows on point is the key to completing any good makeup look.

It not only helps to frame your face but will draw attention to your eyes and polish your look.

Now if you were an over-plucking 90's teen like me you may have major brow envy of the Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne's of the world. But don't worry, with so many great brow products available and knowing what tools and techniques to use all hope is not lost.

But if the thought of doing your own brows is a little intimidating or you're not sure where to start, I have some tips and tricks to help turn your brows from wrong to strong!



Spooley Brush
Angle Brush
Brow Pencil (Gel or Pencil formula)
Brow Powder (if you don't have brow powder you can cheat and use a matt eyeshadow colour to suit the colour of your brows/hair)
Brow Pomade
Brow gel (available in Clear and Coloured to add a tint to your brows)
Highlighter (optional)


Before we get started it helps to know how to determine the shape of your eyebrows.

There are three key points to your brow: the start, arch and the end.


The start begins in the center of the face and should line up with the side of your nostril.



The arch is the highest point of the brow and goes on a diagonal from the side of the nostril straight through the iris of the eye. This will land about 2/3 of the way through your brow. You don't want the arch to be in the center or you will look permanently surprised!



The end of the brow is where it finishes and again is on a diagonal from the side of the nostril and is in line with the outer corner of your eye line.

Hot Tip
To help get the right shape, create a guide by using a brow pencil to lightly mark out these three points and then join them together.




If you are in-between your professional waxing/threading appointments then you can always go in with your tweezers and tidy up any stray hairs. Start from the outside and firmly grasp one hair at a time and smoothly pull it out.

If any of your brow hairs are a little long and unruly, use the scissors to trim to the length desired.

Hot Tip
Pluck after having a shower, the steam and moisture from the shower allows the hairs to slide out making it less painful.




1. Comb through your brows using the spooley brush.


2. Using a brow pencil mark out the three points or finely line the brows at these points.

3. Ensure the points on both brows are even.


4. Continue with the brow pencil, feathering it lightly through the brows to create small hair-like strokes in the direction of your natural brow hair, filling in any gaps.


5. Comb through the brows again, this will ensure the hairs are in place and also soften the hair-like strokes you created with the brow pencil in Step 4.


6. Using either a brow powder or pomade get your angled brush and feather it through the brows to the shape you have created.


7. Go in again with the spooley brush to blend the powder/pomade through the natural brow hairs. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have filled in the brows as desired.


8. Use the edge of the angled brush to ensure the tail of the brow is on point.


9. Once you're happy with the shape of both brows use the brow gel to hold any of your natural brow hairs in place.


10. Finish by highlighting the top of the brow bone under the arch to accentuate the strong and precise brow you have created!


Voila! Brow Game Strong!

Hot Tip
Don't forget practice makes perfect and if you are trying to get each brow identical remember, your brows are sisters not twins so they will never be exactly the same! 



Here are my top 5 brow brands that can hook you up with all the tools of the trade!

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Sigma Beauty

Benefit Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown

Kelley Baker Brows