A Beauty Babes Guide to Traveling Light!


When traveling, especially by air, you want to try and travel light!

Now if you are anything like me, not only will you need an intervention from your friends to stop you from over-packing but you will tend to pack a lot of cosmetics and toiletries increasing the weight of your luggage by 10kgs in 2 minutes!

That's why it is important to only pack the essentials, keeping your products small, compact and light weight. This will ensure you don't go over those pesky luggage limits AND so you have room in your bag for all the new products you purchase on your vacay!

Below I have put together some handy tips I like to live by as well as sharing some of my favourite beauty products I like to travel with!

You're excited to do some pre-flight duty free shopping before you hop on the plane. You race to the security scanners, put everything in the blue trays and wait for it to get scanned, hoping you don't get pulled aside for the 'pat down' once you walk through the full body scanner. But then your bag doesn't come through the other side. You can see the security staff scanning it closely, pointing at the screen, questioning the contents. What have they have found?

When you go through airport security the last thing you need to start your holiday is to be pulled up for having prohibited items in your carry on luggage. Quantity limits apply when taking liquids, aerosols and gels in your carry on baggage and it's important they don't exceed these limits or you may be forced to dispose of your favourite beauty products and cosmetics!

According to the Australian Travel Secure website, passengers traveling on international flights from Australia or catching a domestic flight departing from an international terminal, need to be aware of the following quantity limits:
- Liquid, aerosol or gel products (such as toiletries) must be in containers of 100 milliliters or less (broadly equivalent to 100 grams or less).
- The containers must be carried in one transparent, resealable plastic bag, like the one in the image below

- The four sides of the bag's sealed area must add up to no more than 80 centimeters (e.g. 20x20 cm or 15x25 cm).
- The plastic bag must be the type that can be sealed and resealed with a sealing mechanism, like a sandwich bag or freezer bag.
- Only one bag is allowed for each passenger, with exceptions for carers who may carry the bag/s of the people in their care, including children.
- All containers must fit comfortably into the plastic bag and the bag must be sealed.
- Containers larger than 100 milliliters, even if only partially-filled, will not be allowed through the security screening point.

DO NOT take aerosol cans (e.g. deodorant, hairspray, tanning sprays) in your carry on baggage.

In order to comply with these regulations you can purchase empty, clear 100ml travel bottles to decanter your liquids and gels into so they fit within these guidelines. I like to pick my bottles up from Priceline or Daiso.

Always check your airlines baggage allowance conditions prior to leaving for the airport to ensure you don't have anything in your bag that you shouldn't.

My Carry On Must Haves Include...
- Hydrating Moisturiser: this is essential to prevent break outs especially on long haul flights.
- Face Wipes: The Johnson's Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes are my all time fave!
- Lip Gloss: I love Baby Lips by Maybelline - they keep my lips soft and smooth.
- Toothpaste / Brush: nobody likes morning breath, make sure you get the travel size to save space.
- Eye drops: to prevent dry, tired eyes.


HOT TIP - Save your cosmetic samples that you receive at beauty counters and in beauty subscription boxes - these are small, lightweight and are generally enough for one to two applications so perfect for flights.


This is where you want to pack light! Travel size beauty products and cosmetics are ideal to put in your toiletries bag giving you room for everything you need without exceeding the luggage limits.

What's in my toiletries bag...
- TRESemme Salon Finish Hair Spray: the extra hold in a convenient travel size can keeps my updos looking fab and in place.
- Priming With The Stars: this pack from Benefit Cosmetics contains 6 deluxe makeup samples that will put the perfect look together.
- Dry Shampoo: the quick and easy in between shampoo from Batiste is a travel must have!
- Roll On Perfume / Fragrances: not only do these allow you to take your fave scents abroad but they are perfect to throw in your day bag for touch ups when you're on the move!
- Blister Band Aids: when you are on your feet seeing the sights the last thing you need slowing you down is a blister. Keep a couple of these in your purse/bag in case of an emergency.

If you are still over your luggage weight limit once you are packed and you happen to be traveling with a partner or friend who travels light, make use of some of their extra luggage room - what are friends for right?!

And don't worry if you have forgotten something, in most places you can always buy it at your destination.

HOT TIP - Put liquids and gels in zip lock bags within your toiletries bag. The last thing you need when you get to your destination is to find your shampoo has leaked throughout your bag onto all your other products!

Now that we have all the logistics covered, you have completed your duty free shopping and you are sat in your allocated plane seat: relax, enjoy an in-house movie or two and enjoy your flight (and vacation!)