Prime from Dollar to Dime

In the words of Napoleon Perdis “Not to Prime is a Crime” and I definitely have to agree with him.

While some may think of primers as a glamorized moisturiser I find they help prepare the skin and lay the foundation (pun intended) for a flawless makeup application. That’s not to say I rely solely on primer for skin preparation. I always cleanse and moisturise prior, but I find that different primer formulas can help correct problem areas and create a smooth base which makes my foundation look better and last longer.

I own several primers by various brands, each designed for different results, but I tend to mix and match between them depending on what my skin needs. In some cases I even use two different primers during the same application to target different areas of the face.

For example, I generally have normal skin with pinkness on my cheeks and some visible pores on my nose. But in Summer I tend to get a bit oily throughout my t-zone and in Winter my skin can get a little dry.

So in Summer I like to use a hydrating primer on my cheeks and on my t-zone I will use an oil free, matte, pore minimizing formula to help reduce the oiliness. Then in Winter I will apply a hydrating primer to my entire face, keeping my skin nourished and my makeup looking fresh. Sometimes my cheeks will be a little dryer than the rest of my face so to avoid my foundation grabbing onto any dry patches I work more moisturiser and primer into these areas, buffing out the dryness.

I love experimenting with different primers so I am here to share some of my favourites which you can try too to suit your budget:

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer - $25 - $96 AUD / $18 - $72 USD
This beautiful formula drys to a silky smooth finish and contains an SPF 15, perfect to help fight against the suns harsh rays. It is also available in various sizes so you can always try the smaller size for less before investing in the full size - which I can guarantee you will want to do once you try this!


Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pure Primer - $39 AUD / $30 USD
This silica based primer is perfect for smoothing the skin and minimizing pores. I like to apply this to to the t-zone as it is oil free and helps to minimize unwanted shine. This particular formula is also designed for sensitive skin.


Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional - $53 AUD / $31 USD
Another pore reducing primer that creates a smoother-than-smooth surface and comes in the cute iconic Benefit packaging. Don’t be alarmed by the brown formula, it has been designed to suit all skin tones and will help your makeup stay put!


Make Up Forever #3 Hydrating Primer - $55 AUD / $36 USD
Formulated with the Make Up Forever H₂O Complex, this primer quenches the skin's thirst and transforms dehydrated skin into a fresh, nourished surface.


Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer - $59 AUD / $50 USD
FIlled with Vitamin E, Chamomile and Yarrow Extracts, this primer keeps skin happy and hydrated.


YSL Blur Touche Eclat Blur Primer - $68 AUD / $50 USD
I’m not going to lie, I was immediately attracted to the gold flakes that sat within the primer but since using it I definitely do not regret buying it. This light infused formula creates an illuminated complexion while reducing pores and smoothing the skins surface creating a perfectly flawless canvas.

When you are aware of your skin type and how it changes throughout the seasons you will know what primers and products are best for you. It all comes down to trial and error, not all primers are going to be right for you, so it is best to try before you buy. Don’t be scared to ask for a sample or get the staff at your local beauty counter to apply some primer and foundation to your face so you can see how it lasts throughout the day. If you like the finish, the result it achieves and if your makeup lasts all day then you can look at investing in the real deal.