Coloured Hair, Don't Care!

What do Nicole Richie, Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne all have in common? 
They can all rock coloured locks like nobody's business!

Over the years I have had fun experimenting with almost every colour of the rainbow: pink, purple, lilac, turquoise, green, blue and worn them in a variety of styles: dip dye, streaks, ombré or a full head of hues! But with great hair comes great responsibility and hot and healthy coloured hair definitely comes at a price.

While I have experimented with some DIY hair jobs in the past I believe that trusting and enlisting in a professionals expertise is the way to go. Not all salons specialize or have experience in coloured or alternative hair styles so selecting a hair dresser you're comfortable with and that has a good reputation is important. I personally like to visit the fab team at Doppelgänger Hair in Newtown (Sydney) for a killer cut and colour. Not only do they have years of experience with coloured hair but you will get an honest consultation to ensure your hair can handle the heat!

If you don't naturally have blonde/white hair then to get the colour result you desire may mean you have to bleach your hair. This sometimes comes as a shock to people as they don't want to risk damaging their hair but if you use quality hair care products it is not the be all and end all.

Over time the bleach will take its toll on your hair and may cause your hair to break so it's important you use treatments to keep your hair healthy. I also like to use a colour locking shampoo and conditioner to keep the colour looking vibrant and use a hair strengthening treatment every week to protect my hair and keep it strong.

Also don't be alarmed if the colour fades, the brightness won't last forever and chances are it will transform after each wash! You may start off with a deep purple but after 3-4 weeks it may turn into more of a pastel shade - embrace it, you are naturally getting a new do!

But like all hair dye jobs re growth will rear its ugly head and maintenance will be required! But not all hope is lost and to keep your hair looking fresh there are a couple of things you can do:

$$$ Bleach re growth
Get the roots touched up with bleach and the colour topped up. This will generally need doing every 6 weeks but that doesn't mean you need to bleach your whole head, only where the hair has grown out.

$$ Colour Top Up
A more cost effective solution is to buy a tub of the hair dye and do it yourself at home. I like to use Directions by La Riche but there are other great brands such as Manic Panic, Fudge etc. Just apply over the whole head or required areas to freshen up the colour. The tub of colour will set you back $20 as well as about an hour of your time.

$ Rock it!
A little re growth never hurt anyone and it will add to your grunge girl look!

Pastel, bold or bright coloured hair is a trend that's here to stay but do you dare to wear?