Geek Chic: Snapchat

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Snapchat

Eat. Sleep. Snap. Repeat.

I'm sure I am not the only one who wakes up and watches Snapchat, I like catching up on my 'stories' before I start the day. Plus I love how real Snapchat is - well as real as the magical flawless skin filter is anyway - but it gives me the sense that I am getting a behind the scenes glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous!

But I also love that I can watch my favourite hair and makeup artists and beauty vloggers in action. Below are my top 10 accounts that I love to watch.

Priscilla Ono (@priscillaono)
Makeup artist and entrepreneur - is there anything Priscilla can't do?! I love watching her snap tutorials and finding out the products she uses on herself and her clients, including Amber Rose!

Chrisspy (@chrisspyc)
I love Chrisspy! I was the fan girl at Gen Beauty chasing to get her photo so of course I always watch her on Snapchat! But if you want inspiration for glam or character makeup she's your girl to watch!

Desi Perkins (@desiperkins)
Desi and Katy are ultimate BFF goals - they are a package deal and I love watching them together and with Steven and Jon in tow. Whether they are goofing around, slaying the makeup scene or just chilling with their dogs, Cannoli and Zoe, they provide me with hours of entertainment!

Katy - LustreLux (@lusterlux)
See above ^ haha! 

Shayla (@makeupshayla)
Other than her makeup always being on point, Shayla slays the gym hardcore! I feel so lazy after watching her but her motivation is super inspiring!

Nikkietutorials (@nikkietutorials)
Nikkie brings her makeup game errytime! I loved being there when she got her lips done, when she was at the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani blogger brunch and I am so excited to see more sneak peeks of her collab with Too Faced!

Joyce Bonelli (@joyce_bonelli)
AKA as the Kardashians bad ass MUA. I love seeing her at work and I am a sucker for her sons hair - OMG the ringlets and cuteness are real!

Patrick Ta (@patricktta)
From Gigi Hadid to Shay Mitchell, I love watching Patrick at work!

Lauren Curtis (@lozcurtispublic)
Her new do just broke the internet but I love how honest Lauren is and those lashes! Damn girl!

Mac Cosmetics (@maccosmetics)
I love getting a BTS peek at fashion shows around the world and how their talented team of pro artists create the latest trends to hit the runway!

Who do you loving watching on Snapchat? Share the account handles in the comments below so I can follow them too!