Brides Guide: Part 2 - Beauty Checklist

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Brides Guide Part 2 Beauty Checklist

There is only a week to go and I am sure you have a list of final things to do but there are a few beauty appointments you won't want to leave until the last minute!

In this blog post I share some beauty bookings you should definitely secure ahead of time to prep for your big day!

Get a spray tan at least 2 days prior to your makeup trial and wedding day. Most tans take 10 hours to fully develop and look their best on the second day. It is important that you exfoliate your skin prior to your spray tan paying particular attention to knees, elbows and heels and ensure your skin is free of any moisturiser, oils, deodorants, make-up or perfumes before being sprayed.

To avoid redness get your waxing (eyebrows, lip etc.) done at least 2 days prior to the big day.

Your makeup will look even more flawless when applied to clean, hydrated skin. If you have dry skin makeup can grab and look patchy no matter how much skin prep your makeup artist does. Book in your facial 1-2 days prior to have your skin glowing and feeling fresh!

Whether you plan on wearing acrylics or going au naturel get your manicure and pedicure done at least 1-2 days before your wedding day. Everyone is going to want to catch a glimpse of your wedding ring and it will look even more amazing on a beautifully manicured hand. 

If you are planning on getting your roots done or a change of colour I would recommend getting it done at least a week before. This will give you chance to wash your hair a couple of times before the big day and allow the colour to settle and any unwanted scalp or hairline dye stains to fade away (without last minute scrubbing which could lead to redness and irritation).


If you or someone you know is getting married and looking for a makeup artist feel free to contact me at - I am based in Sydney and would love to do your makeup trial and be part of your special day!