3 Amazing Apps for Creating Instagram Stories in 2018

3 Best Apps for Creating Instagram Stories 2018

Who needs photoshop when you have so many amazing apps at your fingertips! 

In this post I’m sharing my three favourite apps I like to use to create professional Instagram Stories for myself and my clients. 



Unfold App Instagram Stories

The Unfold app is perfect for creating sophisticated, magazine style layouts for your Instagram stories which can contain photos and videos. 

After downloading the app (link below), start by creating a new story and selecting your layout. It comes standard with CS1 which contains 25 free templates but there are other options available in the store for you to purchase. For $1.49 each I also bought CS2 and CS3 which got me another 30 templates I can use for my stories.

Unfold App For Creating Insta Stories

Next add photos and videos from your camera roll. Pinch in and out to adjust the size of your image and if you’ve selected a template with text, double tap on the existing text to change it. Type in your new text and click ‘Edit Text’ to change font style, size, spacing and position. The most popular font you’ve probably seen on the gram is ‘Northwell’ which is a stylish script that looks amazing when paired with ‘Amiri’, a classic serif font.

The app saves your past designs so it’s easy to go back and use your previous templates to keep your story style consistent.

Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play



Inshot App for Insta Stories

I love this app especially for videos, it makes editing, cutting and adding music so easy! But you can also use it to make collages and edit photos.

Inshot App For Instagram Stories

A great feature of this app is that it contains preset canvas sizes for different social media platforms so you just need to pick the one you plan to use. Once you select your size or app it automatically resizes the canvas to suit and you can use the slider to adjust your photo size to fit the space or leave a border around it.

For photos you can add filters, effects, text, stickers and for collages you can select layout and then add your own borders in or around your collage.

I have been using this app for my clients so I paid $4.49 to remove the watermark.

Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play



Canva for Instagram Stories

I would be so lost without this app! Like InShot you start by selecting the canvas for the social media platform or output you are creating the graphic for. But then instead of adding your pics straight away you are given a curated library of free and paid templates you can choose from for your design! I love this because it also acts as a source of inspiration and makes designing my graphic so much easier.

Canva App For Instagram Stories

Select a template you like or start with a blank canvas and then add images, text, shapes, backgrounds and more! If you’re not a great photographer don’t worry because they also have a library of free images you can use that look super professional.

The great thing about Canva is that once you have a log in you can use it on your mobile, desktop and it saves all your designs. So if you have a particular look/feel you want to use across your insta stories without having to start from scratch, simply duplicate that job and it keeps all the formatting and settings! Such a great way to save time while still getting amazing design!

Download from iTunes
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What are your favourite apps for creating Insta Stories?


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3 Amazing Apps for Creating Instagram Stories 2018

*This post is not sponsored in any way. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.