5 Tips to Going Cruelty Free

5 Tips To Going Cruelty Free in 2019

January 1 2019 marks a year since I went Cruelty Free, YAY!

This was such a huge change, not only in my beauty regime but also in my everyday life as I became a Pescatarian and gave up eating meat (with the exception of fish and seafood). At first the thought seemed impossible but I quickly adapted and learnt how easy life is without products which have been tested on animals, why should our furry friends suffer for our vanity?

So if you have been contemplating making the cruelty free change I encourage you to do it - it isn’t as hard as you might think and in this post I share 5 tips to help you get started:

Do Your Homework

Before I went cruelty free I spent 3-4 days researching brands and products to really determine if they were cruelty free. One of the things you may find is brands claiming to be cruelty but still selling into countries, such as Mainland China, where animal testing is a requirement by law. In my opinion this is not cruelty free as that brand knows those tests are going to be carried out in order for them to sell in that country. A few of the resources I found most helpful were Cruelty Free Kitty, Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny Program.

Make a list and check it twice

To make my life and purchasing decisions easier I made a list of cruelty free brands which I reference when I am shopping or if I am unsure. If I discover a new Cruelty Free brand I simply add it to the list along with the link. You can check out my Cruelty Free Directory here.

The Big Cull

As daunting as it may sound I found culling all my non-cruelty free brands from my makeup and skincare collection very satisfying. It was like a detox and made me feel good knowing I was no longer supporting these brands in any way, shape or form. But that doesn’t mean I put all those products straight into landfill. I separated the products according to category (makeup, skincare, hair etc) and expiration dates, bundled them up and gave them to family, friends or to charity. If this sounds a little too cut throat for your liking, then make a pledge to only buy cruelty free from this moment on and use up any products you currently have to minimise waste.

Join The Conversation

If you are passionate about going Cruelty Free let the world know! Share it on your social media and provide cruelty free recommendations to friends and family - you don’t need to force it down peoples throats or become a preacher but you can do your part to increase awareness and help others make Cruelty Free purchases in future.

Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

It is easier now more than ever to connect with Cruelty Free bloggers and organisations and surround yourself with those who live a Cruelty Free life. Some of my faves who I recommend you follow are:

Animals Australia
Leaping Bunny

I hope after reading this post you consider making the change to Cruelty Free living. If you love animals as much as I do then you would never want to be part of the problem or inflict pain onto innocent creatures great and small.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me here or on Instagram @marisarobinsonbeauty

Let’s join together and make a Cruelty Free change!


5 Tips to Going Cruelty Free in 2019 - Marisa Robinson Beauty

*All opinions expressed are honest and my own.
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