My First eBook & Excerpt

A Bloggers Guide To Working With Brands and PR Agencies Marisa Robinson Beauty

I am so excited and happy to announce the launch of my first eBook ‘A Bloggers Guide To Working With Brands and PR Agencies’.

In this guide I share everything I know to help bloggers navigate blogger/brand relationships, understand the expectations when working with brands/agencies and provide tips and advice on how to successfully do this to secure opportunities and grow your blog. 

You can get your hands on a copy of my eBook here but to give you an example of what the book features here is an excerpt from the chapter ‘It’s Business Baby‘ about building relationships:

When you are working with brands and agencies it is all about building relationships. Some of the brands and agencies I work with today are ones who have supported me from the beginning and I have supported them. Like any relationship it is a two way street and if you respect and nourish that relationship it will blossom and you will see opportunities present themselves.

It is always important that there is a clear line of communication between you and the brand and everyones expectations are clear. This is a business relationship and when there is an exchange of goods, services or money there will be an expectation of the outcome. It could be in the form of a deadline or the type of content they want from you (photos or videos, Instagram posts or blog posts etc) but always be sure that this is specified IN WRITING so you have a record of it and you know you are creating the content which is expected of you.

In the event you cannot meet these expectations it is important to keep the brand/agency in the loop. Be honest and upfront if you can no longer meet the deadline or if something has come up. Life happens and they will respect and appreciate your honesty more than if you say and do nothing at all.

In my eBook I also discuss topics such as transparency, how to create a free media kit and rate card, knowing your worth, how much you should charge for sponsored posts, best online practices to grow a successful blog and I also include my personal email templates to help you reach out to brands/agencies and respond to email opportunities.

The eBook is available now for immediate download for only $39. I only wish I had all this information at my fingertips when I started blogging! It would have saved me so much time and helped me reach my blogging goals so much faster!

Stay tuned, I will have more eBooks being released in this series soon!


*All views and opinions expressed in this eBook are 100% honest and my own. This guide is strictly for educational purposes and because of its nature the results experienced by each client may significantly vary.