Annabelle Lumba Lashes + Giveaway!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Annabelle Lumba Mink Lashes

I love lashes. They are the perfect way to take your makeup look to the next level. So when makeup artist, beauty blogger and all round gorgeous girl Annabelle Lumba designed a range of Mink Lashes I couldn't wait to try them out.

I am quite picky about my lashes. I like the lash band to be the perfect thickness, not too thin and not too thick. I like them to be full and fluffy but not heavy. I like them to feel like I am wearing nothing at all and the Annabelle Lumba lashes tick all of these boxes! 

In this post I catch up with Annabelle, find out the inspiration behind her lash line and share details on how you can WIN all 4 lash styles!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Annabelle Lumba Mink Lashes

1. What inspired you to design your own lashes range? 
My whole life & career has always been fixated in the beauty world & I have always wanted to achieve so many different aspects of that realm. I started off with makeup artistry, then skin therapy and while both occupations brought me content, I hungered to do more and wanted to use my creativity. So I decided my next project would be to create a lash line. Lashes that were not only my unique style but also versatile that each individual can pick & choose from. Eyelashes are a favourite part of cosmetics & I have always wanted to launch my own line. Although it's still small, its a goal ticked off that I'm super happy about, and hopefully customers will love them too.

2. How did you decide which lash styles to create?
There were always 4 lash styles that I had in mind: simple, glam, ultra glam & fluffy. Designing them 3D was also important as it creates a whole new dimension when they are applied. All four lash styles are not only what I want for different occasions and moods, but they are what the consumer wants too. I always base my creativity & marketing strategy on that. Plus, all four are my regular go-to styles, so i kind of also did it for my sake lol

3. What was the influence behind the names of each style?
The names of each pair were quite simple but also meaningful. I decided to name them after my family members. Sister, cousins, and my late nan.

4. Do you have any tips for a flawless lash application?
I don't believe there's always going to be a flawless lash application. Til this day I still muck about with application. But to achieve a flawless lash look, I would opt for a clear lash band for a less dramatic look and then apply a coat of mascara once the lash glue has dried to complete the look.

TIP: if your natural eyelashes are straight, I would suggest to curl them first with an eyelash curler then apply the falsies on top.

5. What lash glue is your ultimate fave?
My all time favourite glue, & I swear by this, is the Amazing Shine eyelash glue. Dries on clear & sticks on amazingly all day and night!! Would never use anything else!

6. Where can people buy your lashes?
My lashes are currently available on my blog site which is You can purchase them via PayPal or Direct deposit with free shipping in Australia.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Annabelle Lumba Mink Lashes


To celebrate the launch of Annabelle Lumba Lashes we are giving away a complete set containing all 4 lash styles: Kirst, Trix, Aurora and Lilia.

1. Follow me @marisarobinson.mua and Annabelle @annabelle.lumba on Instagram
2. Like the giveaway photo on my account
3. Tag 3 three friends in the comments

Nitty Gritty:
Giveaway commences Friday 30th June 2017 and closes Friday 14th July 2017, 11:59pm AEST.
Giveaway open to Australian Residents Only.
Winner will be selected at random and announced on Saturday 15th July 2017.
Please ensure your Instagram account isn't private so I can view your entry.
No spam or giveaway accounts.
I will send this prize securely via express post but I don't take responsibility for any damage or missing parcels through transit.

Good Luck!


Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Annabelle Lumba Mink Lashes