Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipstick Review, Swatches + Meeting Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipstick Launch

Friday February 17, 2017 - The Butler, Potts Point

It is always a pleasure attending events of New Zealand born natural beauty brand, Antipodes. Their certified vegetarian and organic range of skincare and beauty products became a fast favourite when I discovered them last year and I was so excited to learn more about their new Moisture-Boost Lipstick Collection!

In this blog post I share my thoughts, first impressions and swatches of three of the new Antipodes lipstick shades and an inside into beauty blogger, influencer and special guest Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipstick Launch

We were treated to a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, crepes, pastries and surrounded by beautiful blooms at The Butler while we learnt about the new natural lipstick range.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipstick Launch

Introducing the Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipstick Collection

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipsticks

Antipodes have created their new certified vegetarian Moisture-Boost Lipstick range so healthy you could almost eat them!

The formula contains pure plant oil ingredients which are extracted from some of Nature's finest edible superfoods: Avocado Pear, Calendula Flower, Evening Primrose Seed and Argan Nut. They also contain beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E to condition and nourish the lips.

Fun Fact: over the course of a woman's lifetime they will ingest as much as 3 kilos of lipstick into her body as it is absorbed through the skin of her lips or if she swallows it as she eats or drinks. I had never thought of it like that which makes me even more inclined to wear a natural lipstick formula on the daily which is safe to wear and also healthy to eat!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipsticks

The shades we were kindly gifted to try from left to right are Oriental Bay Plum, Forest Berry Red and South Pacific Coral (see swatches below). There are 12 shades in the collection, each name showing Antipodes love for New Zealand nature, which are packaged in a 100% recyclable boxes with cardboard from sustainable forests.

Oriental Bay Plum
Paint your lips with the power of plum by day, and experience its passion by night. This is an exotic hue with magnificence in any light.

Forest Berry Red
A wild and warm-based true red, with all the succulence of the forest’s bright berries on which New Zealand songbirds feast.

South Pacific Coral
Whether you need savvy street style or bare beach beauty, here’s a sweet coral shade that will sashay you from noon to night.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipstick Swatches

My thoughts and first impressions...

Each lipstick is beautifully packaged in a recyclable box with different coloured artwork and once you open the box you are greeted by luxe matte black lipstick casing adorned with the Antipodes logo and the words 'I'm so healthy...'. Remove the cap and you will discover the rest of the phrase 'you could almost eat me' - a nod to their natural formula made from edible superfoods.

The shiny coloured bullet of the lipstick is rounded and naturally hugs the curves of your lips as you apply it. On application you can feel that the formula is rich in nourishing ingredients as it goes on smoothly and instantly makes me lips feel moisturised. But these benefits in no way compromise the colour payoff as they are beautifully pigmented and add a bright pop of colour to your lips.

If these shades are a little bright for your liking don't worry because they have also released nudes, browns, oranges and other shades of pink and red. As a lover of nude shades I personally can't wait to get my hands on Queenstown Hot Chocolate, a gorgeous nude brown shade which is also Em Ford's favourite!

These lipsticks are also fragrance free so they are perfect for anyone who is sensitive to certain scents or for those who prefer a good quality, no-frills lipstick.

On meeting Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog...

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipstick Launch Em Ford My Pale Skin Blog

We were also treated to a special guest at the event, London based beauty Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog.

Many of you may know her from her viral video 'You Look Disgusting' (below) which she created with a few friends to share the comments she had been receiving on social media when posting photos without makeup. 

Em is unapologetically real and raw and it breaks my heart every time I watch the video. People can be incredibly cruel especially behind the security of a computer screen and this video showcases the ongoing battle many people face when they suffer from acne which can then lead to insecurity and self confidence issues. She wanted to create the film to show the unrealistic expectations which are created via social media.

She made the decision not to talk in the video (she hates the sound of her own voice, something I can totally relate to) and let their words do the talking which I think made a much greater impact. She posted the video in 2015 and to date the video has had over 23 million views. In 2015 apps such as FaceTune were rather new and nobody really posted pictures of themselves to social media without a full face of makeup and with a full face of acne. When she first posted the video her phone blew up with messages and emails to the point she took a week and a half off work!

What I really admired was once the film went viral despite receiving endless sponsorship opportunities with skincare brands to promote their products she declined them all. She stayed true to herself and set about trying natural skincare brands which lead her to discovering Antipodes that provided such positive results for her acne prone skin.

All in all Em is just a normal girl who I personally think is beautiful inside and out. After the presentation she took the time to meet us, take some photos and it was so lovely to chat to her, compare tattoos and just be in the presence of someone so inspiring and down to earth.

"You are beautiful - no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may about the way you look or how hard you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you're not beautiful - not even yourself." 
- Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog

A big thank you to Platinum for having me and hosting such a beautiful event!


*All opinions expressed are honest and my own. All photographs have been taken by me.