LUSH Golden Handshake Hand Mask Review

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Believe The Hype LUSH Golden Handshake Hand Mask

On my latest trip to LUSH I was drawn to a bouquet of interesting looking products on the counter. A golden glow surrounded them like rays from the heavens and upon closer inspection I discovered they were Golden Handshakes! No not a Golden Gaytime, like the paddle pop handle would suggest, but a hot hand mask! I was intrigued so I picked up one for myself and one for my good friend Shazeena and we booked in a date for a hot hand mask pampering session!

One thing I love about LUSH packaging is the little sticker that put on to say who the product was made by, the date it was made and the date it expired. We have Bikal to thank for this one! I also love that LUSH products are not tested on animals, are suitable for vegans and smell amazing!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Believe The Hype LUSH Golden Handshake Hand Mask

The Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask contains avocado, argan and castor oil as well as fresh capuacu and murumuru butters to hydrate the skin.

According to the packaging you activate and use the hand mask in 3 simple steps:
1. Stand your hand mask stick upright in a bowl which is large enough to fit both hands in comfortably. Add enough hot water to cover the product and stir, allowing the treatment to develop and thicken.
2. Plunge your hands into the resulting dreamy, creamy lotion and soak for around 15 minutes (or until the doorbell rings).
3. Alternatively, the melted treatment can be massaged into hands before rinsing off.

Shazeena and I were so excited to put the Golden Handshake to the test and we wanted to share our experience with you and the final results achieved.

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Believe The Hype LUSH Golden Handshake Hand Mask

We started by getting two glass bowls, standing the hand mask stick upright and submerging the melt with steaming hot, tap water. We then started swirling the melt in circular motions in the water and it looked so pretty as a trail of gold glitter followed the melt around the bowl, slowly making its way through the water and up the sides of the bowl.

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Believe The Hype LUSH Golden Handshake Hand Mask

After stirring for about 5 minutes we noticed the melt wasn't really dissolving or thickening. The water was also starting to get cold so we decided to add some boiling hot water from the kettle and as soon as we did we watched it dissolve before our eyes. I later read the LUSH website directions and it says to 'boil some water and then add it to your bowl' so I think it would be helpful if this was added to the product packaging so it was more specific about how hot the water needs to be in order to dissolve the melt.

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Believe The Hype LUSH Golden Handshake Hand Mask

Once the melt had dissolved off the paddle pop stick, we then carefully put our hands in the bowl (slowly, so not to burn ourselves) and worked the melt through our hands. Some bits were quite chunky but we worked it between our fingers to break it down and then massaged it over our hands and wrists so they were completely covered.

LUSH weren't lying when they said the melt would transform into a 'dreamy, creamy lotion'! The mask felt really nourishing as we soaked our hands for 15-20 minutes and had a good catch up! Once we started to get pruney we rinsed it off with lukewarm water and patted them dry with paper towel.

Once dry our hands felt super soft, were visibly smoother and smelt lush. My hands definitely get dry in the cooler months and the Golden Handshake really restored them and gave them life!

To complete our hand pamper sesh we massaged some hand cream and cuticle oil into our hands and then admired how soft and smooth they were!

It's now 4 days since our pamper sesh and my hands are still looking and feeling fabulous! Available in store and online for only $7.95 each I am definitely going to be using the Golden Handshake at least once a month to keep my hands nourished and looking youthful!

Be sure to remove your rings and bracelets prior to starting so the hand mask doesn't get stuck in your jewellery! This was eventually removed by soaking in boiling hot water and using a spoolie to clean it out.


*This post is completely unsponsored and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.