LVL Hair Straightening Brush Review


In this tutorial I share how quick and easy it is to straighten your hair with the LVLHair Hairbrush Straightener. After seeing so much hype online for these I was curious to try it out and see if it lived up to the hype!

Watch the video below or continue down for my first impressions!

I have naturally straight hair but in the humidity it gets quite frizzy or if I have had it up in a ponytail the hair elastic creates kinks which is never a good look, well not on me anyway! So I love straightening my hair for a sleek, polished look when I can find the time!

The LVLHair Hairbrush Straightener promises to straighten your luscious locks in approximately 5 minutes depending on your hairs length, so I was keen to try it out!

LVLHair Hairbrush Straightener
LVLHair Sectioning Clips
LVLHair Thermal Shield Heat Protection Spray

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger LVL Hair Straightening Brush Review

Before I share how to use it here is some technical information from the LVLHair website:

Customise temperature
You can heat me up to 230 degrees via the control buttons and LCD screen located on the brush.

Anti-Burn Technology
My bristles do not heat up which provides a safe barrier between the ceramic hot plate and your scalp.

Anti-Static Technology
I can tame even the most thick and frizzy hair around.

30W (I have the same power as your GHD)

Worldwide Dual Voltage
All international orders come with the respective power cords.

2m swivel cord – for convenient styling.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger LVL Hair Straightening Brush Review

I was so surprised how quick and easy this brush straightener was to use!
Note - only use on dry hair, never on damp or wet hair!

Remove the brush straightener from the packaging, plug in, turn on and turn up to your desired temperature.

It will only take a minute to heat up but while it does spray your hair with the LVLHair Thermal Shield Heat Protection Spray and allow to dry before using it. This powerful spray contains Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Keratin which not only helps strengthen your locks but helps to eliminate frizz, hallelujah!

If you have long hair the sectioning clips will definitely come in handy. Section your hair into even parts so they are ready to be straightened.

Now you're ready to go!

Take the brush in one hand and a section of hair in the other and run the brush through the hair from root to tip. Continue doing this throughout each section until your hair is silky smooth and straight!

Ensure you turn off after use and place on a heat-proof surface to cool down.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger LVL Hair Straightening Brush Review

I was super impressed with the LVLHair Hairbrush Straightener and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Without actually trying a product it is hard to know if it is a gimmick or not but this is the real deal!

Getting the straightener ready to use was very easy and within 2 minutes it was out of the box, plugged in, heating up and ready to use.

I made sure I sprayed the Thermal Shield Heat Protection Spray through my hair too. Because my hair has been colour treated quite a lot some parts aren't as strong as others and I want to protect it the best I can. This certainly did the trick and at no point did my hair burn or break while straightening my hair.

My naturally straight hair is collarbone length and not that thick so it only took me about 3 minutes to straighten all my hair. This particular day my hair was quite frizzy and had been up in a ponytail so it had kinks throughout. After brushing through each section I ran the straightening brush through all my hair a few final times just to blend all the sectioned parts together. It looked amazing! My friend actually came around that evening and she thought I had had my hair done, it was that straight and looked that good!

I went out that night for dinner and my hair stayed straight all night and well into the next day even after sleeping on it!

I would definitely recommend the LVLHair Hairbrush Straightener for yourself or anyone in your life that wants to get sexy, straight locks in minutes!


*This is a sponsored post. The product has been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.