Models Prefer Soft Touch Rainbow Powder Swatches + Unicorn Brushes Review

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Models Prefer Soft Touch Rainbow Powder

When it comes to makeup highlighters are definitely my weakness! So when I heard the new Models Prefer Soft Touch Rainbow Powder and Unicorn Brushes had landed at my local Priceline I ran to make them mine! I must have looked like a real creeper when I rushed to the Models Prefer display and scoured every shelf, but after minutes of searching I couldn't find them! Luckily there was a very helpful staff member who was watching me and knew EXACTLY what I was looking for so she went out the back and returned with the complete brush set and the rainbow highlighter, eeeee!!!

I am sure this beautiful rainbow highlighter and brushes are what magical unicorn dreams are made of! The round highlighter palette contains 5 shades: pink, blue, green, yellow and purple and can be worn as a complete highlighter or individually as eyeshadows. The unicorn brushes are each sold separately in 5 different styles: fan brush, powder brush, blending brush, angled contour brush and a highlighter brush and are all under $20 in price so you can buy your faves or collect them all!

Before I share my thoughts and swatches of the highlighter here is some information straight from the Priceline website:

Models Prefer Soft Touch Rainbow Highlighter $16.99
A shimmering rainbow powder that adds a splash of colour and a sparkly glow to the face.
Highly pigmented and shimmery powder formula blends seamlessly into the skin. Create a bold or subtle shimmery by using the 5 separate colours as is, or blend together for a personalised glow to suit any complexion. Can be used as a highlighter or an eyeshadow.

Models Prefer Unicorn Blending Brush $13.99
A small and precision tip blending brush perfect for applying highlight to the inner corners of the eye and cupids bow.

Models Prefer Unicorn Highlighter Brush $16.99
A soft highlighter brush with a tapered end to sweep a soft and precise highlight to the face.

Models Prefer Unicorn Angled Contour Brush $18.99
An Angled contour brush to define and sculpt the face with precision application.

Models Prefer Unicorn Fan Brush $18.99
A large fan brush to apply highlighter to both large and small areas of the face.

Models Prefer Unicorn Powder Brush $19.99
A large fluffy brush to apply powder makeup with a flawless finish.

While I am a highlighter addict I must say I don't own a rainbow highlighter quite like this one. In fact this was the highlighter I didn't even know I needed until I saw it on Instagram and knew I had to pick it up and give it a go.

This five in one highlighter is made of pearlized mineral powders contained in a circle compact approx. 7cm in diameter. As mentioned, each colour can be worn solo or blended together for a gorgeous rainbow glow.

Below are some swatches of each colour of this magical rainbow!
The swatches have been taken under soft box lights with no colour correction or editing.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Models Prefer Soft Touch Rainbow Powder

I decided to use this highlighter in my latest makeup tutorial (coming soon) as a complete rainbow highlight. I swept the Models Prefer Unicorn Fan Brush over the palette and then applied it onto the tops of my cheekbones. Dammmmnnnnnn this palette is pigmented! I wanted an intense glow and that is EXACTLY what I got. I probably shouldn't have been so heavy handed with it because the glow was so intense I had to buff it back a bit with the powder brush but it was very impressive! You could clearly see the rainbow gradient across the cheeks and the glow it created was gorgeous!

I then decided to take my look up a notch and use the pink shade on the lids of my eyes which were already sporting some pink shadows. I used a flat brush, picked up the product and packed it onto the lid. Again, the pigment was perfection and the intensity is buildable so you can either have a subtle shine or a glam glow!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Models Prefer Soft Touch Rainbow Powder Highlight

What I love most about this powder highlighter is that it isn't glittery. The powder has been so finely milled and baked that when applied it creates a beautiful sheen (above) which can be built up and layered to create the level of glow you are wanting to achieve. I am definitely going to play more with this palette as a whole and each shade individually.

I will admit, I wasn't going to hop onto the unicorn brush bandwagon. While they are extremely pretty I did see them more of a novelty than a makeup brush. I don't know if it was the pretty purple, unicorn horn handles or the affordable price point but there was something about the Models Prefer range I couldn't resist. I picked up all 5 brushes and I have zero regrets.

Not only are they totally insta-worthy but the synthetic bristles are super soft, fluffy and pick up and disperse the product evenly onto the skin. I used the fan brush to apply the rainbow highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones and it glided beautifully over my skin, not grabbing or pulling, and a few extra strokes built up my highlight to an intense glow! I also used the powder brush to set my base and again it was very soft, picked up the powder perfectly and worked a charm to lock my makeup look in place.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Models Prefer Unicorn Brushes

 I also love the long purple, iridescent handles. They are shaped like a unicorns horn while the violet metal ferrule securely holds the bristles in place and complements the overall design.

I am so happy I waited and bought these brushes. The quality, colour and style are totally up my alley and are the perfect addition to my collection!

Have you purchased any of these new Models Prefer beauties? Which brush is your favourite?


*This product was purchased by me and this post is not sponsored. The product has been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.