B.T.S: Benefit Cosmetics Pink Palace + Q&A with National Brow Artist, Hannah Terrett

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Benefit Cosmetics Pink Palace

What better way to start the week than stepping foot inside The Pink Palace (aka Benefit Cosmetics Australia HQ) and a brow session with Benefit's National Brow Artist, Hannah Terrett! Not only was Hannah going to show me how to use some of the new products from the Benefit Brow Collection but she was going to wax, tint and shape my brows too!

Now I must confess it has been quite awhile since I have had my brows professionally done and for good reason. When I was in my 20's I went to the beautician and the wax she used was way too hot and what should have been a relatively painless experience was the complete opposite. She burnt my skin and definitely over-plucked them and unfortunately, as well as losing trust in all beauticians, my brow hairs never grew back the same. But I knew I was in the best hands possible so I sat back and relaxed while Hannah worked her magic!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Benefit Cosmetics Pink Palace

The first thing we did was look at my natural brows and talk about what I liked/disliked about them. In truth there isn't a lot I like about them, they are sparse and I can not get them to grow back in the middle for that natural, full brow look. I am happy there are so many amazing brow products on the market though so I can at least fake it!

Hannah mapped out the three points where my brows should start, arch and end and then tinted them to darken any fair hairs to make my natural brows that little bit fuller.

Then it was time to wax on! I saw the wax pot and the wooden wax sticks and of course my mind went back to that horrible experience but Hannah was so professional and gentle, it was over before I knew it!

We then got some products from the new range to define and sculpt my brows. Hannah started with the 'Goof Proof Brow Pencil' for the base (one of my personal faves!) and then went in with 'ka-BROW!' for more definition. To set my natural brow hairs in place she used 'ready, set, BROW', a clear brow gel which works a treat! Also now that my brow bone was free of any baby hairs it made applying the 'high brow eyebrow highlighter' a breeze!

Ignore the crappy quality of my Snapchat before and after brow shots but you can definitely see what an amazing job Hannah did of slaying my barely there brows to perfection!

Before I left Hannah kindly let me pick her brain about all things brows and how she is living the dream as the National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics Australia.

1. What is your favourite product from the new Benefit Cosmetics Brow Collection?
I always get asked this question and it's really tricky because I have a new favourite every week, but definitely ka-BROW. It's a cream gel pomade for your brows with 24 hour, waterproof wear and it's great because anyone can use it. It's buildable and the formula is designed to give you that really long lasting wear. I really love it.

2. If you had to choose a favourite product from the WHOLE Benefit Cosmetics collection what would it be?
Another tricky one, but if I had to choose one I would say the Goof Proof Brow Pencil and the reason why Goof Proof is a must-have for anyones makeup bag is because it is an all rounder. It gives you shape, it gives you definition, it gives you thickness and it gives you colour.

3. How did you get into brows?
It was actually based off a personal experience. I went and got my brows done when I was quite young and they were really badly butchered, like really hacked and it scared me to let anyone ever do my brows ever again, it's kind of like getting a really bad hair cut! So I started doing my own brows and then it ventured on to doing family and friends and then I thought well 'why not study beauty therapy!' So I did that full time and then it eventuated from there where I started to do clients, I got a really big following and now I do it as my full time job for Benefit!

4. If you weren't doing brows what would you be doing?
I always wanted to be an actress, can't you tell!? Haha! I love talking and I love being on show and I definitely wanted to do acting. But I think if I wasn't doing brows I would probably be doing something in PR or being the next Nicole Kidman!

5. Who has been your favourite client to work with?
I have worked on quite a few celebrities during my time as well as influences and bloggers but I don't really have a favourite client because everyones brows are very different. But that is the whole uniqueness of this role where I love to create differences on different women, because it's  all about empowering people and making them feel good about themselves. No matter who you are working on, whether it's an A-List celebrity or Sally next door, everyone gets a real kick out of getting their brows reshaped and re-sculpted. I love the empowerment of making a woman feel good about herself.

6. What tips would you give someone buying their first brow products?
My first tip would be to find the right colour match for you. Hair colour is not necessarily the right indication for what your brow product colour should be. So determine your best brow colour based on your skin tone rather than your hair colour. 

Tip two: start small. Start with two to three basic brow products and expand them as you need them. Start with a pencil. I like to call pencils 'brow beginners BFFs' because they are really easy to work with and they are a good starting block for anyone experimenting with brows.

Thirdly, make sure you're getting your brows shaped regularly. You can put a lot of work into creating shape and structure using products but if your brow shape underneath isn't good, the canvas isn't good and your brow products aren't going to look their best. So get your brows shaped regularly by a proper expert and then invest in some good quality products.

Some amazing tips and advice which I am sure everyone can 'Benefit' from, thanks Hannah!

And last but not least a few sneaky pics from inside The Pink Palace or as I soon learnt, Makeup Heaven!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Benefit Cosmetics Pink Palace
Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Benefit Cosmetics Pink Palace
Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Benefit Cosmetics Pink Palace
Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Benefit Cosmetics Pink Palace


*This post is completely unsponsored and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.