Elle Effect Tan Review

Elle Effect Tan Review

We know her, love her and envy her tan! Elle Ferguson is not only one part of blog duo They All Hate Us with bestie Tash Sefton, Cosmopolitan Social Media Fashion Star of 2017 and all round gorgeous girl but she is also an entrepreneur who has just released her very own tan range, perfectly named 'Elle Effect'.

What started as an Instagram account, with hype soaring over the last 6 months, has just launched with a tanning kit consisting of a tanning mousse, mitt and stickers so you can customise your bottle. With being in denial that summer is over I am determined to keep my tan golden so I picked up a kit to put it to the test.

In this blog post I will share my thoughts and before and after pics to show you how I got the Elle Effect!

Before I share my first impressions here is some information direct from the Elle Effect website:
The number one question I get asked is….? “Is that tan real?” My answer is “No its Elle Effect… The perfect golden tan without the harmful effects of the sun…. And it even smells like roses!”
This lightweight, velvety mousse that I formulated and made in California is super easy to apply with the Elle Effect Mitt for both first time and experienced tanners.
So what does it do? This tan gives you the PERFECT golden glow in just one application but also allows you to control the depth of your tan with multiple layers.
One application think a day at Bondi Beach.
Two applications think by the pool in LA.
Three applications you’ll look like you’ve spent a week in the Bahamas.
Remember that the Effect comes from with in …. But a little glow goes a long way.

Now before I use any tan I prep my skin my shaving and exfoliating my skin the day before. This removes any dry skin and creates a smooth base for the tan to develop on.

This kit contains the tanning mousse, mitt, stickers and comes in a travel friendly zip lock bag. As soon as I opened it I decorated my bottle with the cute stickers and I still have enough left over to give my lap top or phone the Elle Effect too.

The back of the bottle had limited directions on how to use or how long to let the tan develop so I consulted the Elle Effect website and found the answers to all my questions on the FAQ page. I would have liked if there was an enclosed postcard with directions so I didn't have to search the site but once I found the page it had everything I needed.

Then I put on the mitt, shook up the bottle and dispensed a few pumps of the tan. The first thing I notice is the colour of this fluffy formula. It is a cooler tone of formula which I am pleased about because the last thing I ever want to look like is an orange oompa loompa. The second thing I notice is the scent. It has a beautiful rose scent and it doesn't have that fake tan smell at all which is a pleasant surprise.

Elle Effect Tan Review

I work the mousse onto my skin, first in long swiping motions and then in circular motions to ensure there is an even coverage. The great thing about the mousse is that you can see exactly where it has been placed on the skin so you can ensure you don't miss any spots. It also doesn't take long to dry which is great as the tan is designed so you can wear it straight after application.

Here are the before and after pics so you can see the difference:

Elle Effect Tan Review Before Tan

Above - before using the Elle Effect - tan free.

Elle Effect Tan Review 1 Application

Above - after one application of the Elle Effect tan. Think a day at Bondi Beach.

Elle Effect Tan Review 2 Applications

Above - after two applications of the Elle Effect tan. Think by the pool in L.A.

I then got dressed and went about my day which consisted of a drive down the coast and lunch. It says the perfect golden glow will be developed in 6-8 hours so I showered when I got home, about 8 hours later, and ta-dah, my skin was has the perfect golden glow! It wasn't orange or patchy, it was a streak free, even tan which looked amazing!!

Elle Effect Tan Review Marisa Robinson Beauty

Above - after 8 hours the Elle Effect in FULL effect!
(Note: no filters have been applied to this shot).

I am in love with the results of this tan. The application process, the colour, the scent - it is ticking all my boxes and I will definitely be using it again. The Elle Effect Tan Kit is available on the website for $49.95 and includes everything you need for the perfect tan!

Are you going to get the Elle Effect?


*This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.