Empties - Beauty + Skincare I Have Finished - But Will I Buy Again?

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Welcome to my very first empties post! Don't get me wrong, I have finished plenty of products in my time but I generally forget to blog about them and just throw the empties out - but not this time!

I will keep this short and sweet and let you know why I love each product and whether I would buy it again!

It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream - Mini
This cream totally changed my skin game! It is thick and luscious and makes my skin feel soft and supple. I apply it most days and I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I don't use it.
Buy Again? Absolutely, I already have the full size tub as a back up.

Prada Candy Florale Fragrance
The first time I smelt Prada Candy was within a magazine perfume sample strip and it was love at first smell! So I picked up the three pack duty free and this was my favourite within the set.
Buy Again? Maybe, I loved the scent and it smelt great on but I have also found other fragrances I have become obsessed with since then, Ie. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

Philosophy 'Snow Angel' Shower Gel
I received this shower gel in a Philosophy holiday gift set at Christmas and it was just gorgeous. It had a sweet scent and the gel had a pretty pearl sheen, but it didn't make your skin shimmery.
Buy Again? No, because unfortunately I got it in a Philosophy holiday gift set at Christmas and it is no longer available! But I would love to try their 'Amazing Grace' bath & shower gel.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
This has become one of my favourite facial mists of all time! You would have spotted the Mario Badescu Facial Spray in my 2016 Best of Makeup post and it has been a daily staple that I keep in the bathroom to spritz morning, noon and night for an instant skin pick me up. It is also super affordable so it won't break the bank.
Buy Again? Yes, but I want to try and finish some of my other facial mists first, hehe.

Avéne Thermal Spring Water Spray
So you can probably tell by now that I have an addiction to facial sprays. I was lucky enough to receive this cute 50ml can from blogger babe Temporary Princess to try and loved its fine, refreshing mist immediately.
Buy Again? Yes, after owning this for only two weeks I went and bought the giant 300ml can!

Filled With Love 'Bondi Beach' Luxe Candle
Since freelancing I spend a lot more time at home and I love to have a candle burning at all times to create a calm and relaxing ambience. I love the Filled With Love Soy Candle range and this isn't the first one I have finished but it is their first Luxe Collection candle I have finished with the gorgeous rose gold lid.
Buy Again? Yes, but I would like to try their other fragrances before returning to this one.

Harvest Garden Coconut Body Polish
There is no better feeling than smooth skin after a good body scrub. I have tried a few scrubs before so I know what I like in a good body polish and I have definitely found it in the Harvest Garden Coconut Body Polish. This scrub contains Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Coconut oil, Fractionated Coconut oil and Rose petals to gently exfoliate the skin while leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated without an oily thick film like some other coconut scrubs do. 
Buy Again? Yes, but I would probably try the Peppermint and Passion Flower.
Click here for my full review on this body scrub.

Sephora Almond Foot Mask
I am loving the convenience and ease of sheet masks and I love how these nourishing little sock masks hydrated and soothed my feet.
Buy Again? Yes, luckily I picked up another foot mask when I bought this one!

Essano Rosehip Facial Wipes
These wipes smelt divine and refreshing on my skin.
Buy Again? No, not because I didn't like them but because I prefer a wipe that thoroughly removes my eye makeup and I had to use a few of these to get that result.

I Have Calm Mood Essentials Mist - Melissa Allen
You're probably wondering how I finished this so fast as I blogged about it quite recently. Well that is how much I loved it! I sprayed this mist every night on myself and my pillow for a sweet nights sleep.
Buy Again? Yes!

Do you spot any favourites amongst my empties?
Let me know in the comments below why you love them!


*Some of these products were sent to me in exchange for a review. The product has been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.