Get The Look: Halloween Evil Jack O' Lantern

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Halloween 2016 Evil Jack O Lantern

Trick or Treat!
It's October and that can only mean one thing: a month of Halloween SFX and makeup goodness!

For my first look I created an evil jack o' lantern look and below I have listed what I used to get the look and the steps to creating it!

Face Paint - I used the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette
Gold Glitter - I used NYX Loose Gold Glitter
Black Glitter - I used Eye Kandy Cosmetics Fine Black Glitter
White Eyeliner Pencil - I used the Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner
Paint Brushes in different sizes - these don't have to be expensive, you can get them from a craft or discount store.
Black Cape or Top
Black Beanie or Bald Cap

Prep the skin using a hydrating primer. 

Start the look by drawing the pumpkins eyes, nose and mouth on your face using the White Eyeliner Pencil. This way you have mapped out a guide for where you want to paint the features.

Once done take the orange face paint (I mixed yellow and red in the flash palette to create orange) on a face brush and paint outside of the facial features and take it under the chin but not down your neck. This would have looked better if I had blocked out my eyebrows but it was too late at this point haha!

Then take black paint on a finer brush and colour inside of the eyes, nose and mouth and also take it down your neck to create the illusion of a floating pumpkin head.

Give it a few minutes to dry and then take yellow paint on a fine brush and add some highlights to the eyes, nose and mouth to create dimension.

While the paint is still wet pat loose gold glitter onto the yellow paint and black fine glitter onto the black painted features. This is to resemble the inner glow a candle flicker would create inside the pumpkin.

Add a black beanie or black bald cap and a black cape or shirt to give the illusion of a floating jack o' lantern.