Get The Look: Halloween Glam Mermaid

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Get The Look Halloween Glam Mermaid

"Under The Sea, Under The Sea..."

I wanted to end the Halloween season with a bang so I created this glam, glistening mermaid look straight from the sea!

P.S - Please don't hate me for having 'Under The Sea' stuck in your head as you recreate this look!

Translucent Powder
Purple, Pink, Blue Frost/Pearl Eyeshadow (I used shades from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette)
Pink Gel Eyeliner
Black Mascara
Blue Eyeliner for Inner Waterline
Purple Foil Lashes
Fine Loose Glitter
Brow Pencil
Purple Liquid Lipstick
White Liquid Eyeliner
Fishnet Stockings
Adhesive Pearls - I picked these up from Spotlight
Makeup Brushes (blending brushes, thin brushes, powder brushes)
White/Grey Wig
Wig Cap
Fudge Urban Colour Coral Crush Hair Art Spray
Fudge Urban Colour Hair Chalk in 'Red Hot Pepper'
Rubber Gloves


Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Get The Look Halloween Glam Mermaid

Hydrate and prime the skin by applying Too Faced Hangover Primer to the entire face to create a smooth base and to reduce any visible pores. 

For foundation I used the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation for a full coverage. I applied stripes to my face and neck before blending it out with the Artis Elite Mirror Collection Oval 10 Brush.

Conceal under the eyes using the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Créme and blend out using a damp Beautyblender.

Once done, set under the eyes and face using the Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder.

Now for the fun part!
Take the fishnet stockings and put it over your face like you're about to rob a bank! This fishnet mesh will create the scales effect on the face when you go over it with shadows.

Start by taking a blue frost shadow (I used 'Expensive' from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette) on a blush brush and contour the cheeks, packing the colour over the top of the fishnet stocking. I like to pack the shadow on instead of dusting or wiping it on to create a really strong scale pattern. Then using the same brush pick up a purple frost shadow (I used 'Violence' from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette) and pack it on around the jawline, hairline, chin and nose. Then repeat with a pink frost shadow (I used 'Star Power' from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette) over the top of some of the purple to create a gradient effect.

We will apply the adhesive pearls and the fine loose glitter to the face at the very end once the rest of the makeup look is finished.

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Get The Look Halloween Glam Mermaid

For this look I used shadows from the Jeffree Star 'Beauty Killer' Palette but feel free to use your favourite purple eyeshadows to create this look.

Take a fluffy brush and apply a light purple frost shadow (I used 'Princess') over the entire eyelid and up to the brow bone. Then take a fluffy blending brush and pick up a darker purple shadow (I used 'Violence') and apply it over the mobile lid and up into the crease blending it in with the light purple shadow. Do this on both eyes and continue to build up so you have a strong purple intensity.

Then take the same fluffy blending brush and dust the darker purple shadow under the lower lash line, smoking it out.

For the upper lash line I created a winged line using a pink gel eyeliner (I used 'Barbie Pink' from Anastasia Beverly Hills) and then line under the lower lash line and in the inner corner using a white liquid eyeliner (I used 'Neruda' White Ink Liner from Kat Von D). I added a small flick at the end also extended this down the inner corner to create a sharp point to accentuate the eyes.

Make the eyes pop by lining the inner waterline with a bright blue eyeliner (I used 'Khao San Road Eyeliner from NARS) and apply some black mascara to your top and bottom lashes before popping on some purple foil lashes (I used 'Violet Night' Glam Fake Lashes from Manic Panic) for some magical lash drama!

Shape and feather the brows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in 'Medium Brown' and then take a dark brown matte shadow on an angle brush (I used 'Vanity' from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette) and brush it through the brows to define the brows.

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Get The Look Halloween Glam Mermaid

For this look I created an ombre purple lip. Start by applying a dark purple liquid lipstick (I used 'Yaassss' Creamy Matte Lip Paint from Tarte Cosmetics)  to the outer corners of the lips and then get a lighter purple liquid lipstick and apply to the centre of the lips (I used 'Blow Pony' Velour Liquid Lipstick from Jeffree Star). While both are still wet use a lip brush or cotton tip and softly blend them together to create an ombré effect.

Complete this look by applying adhesive pearls along the cheeks and above the brows and then take some fine loose glitter (i used 'White' Diamond Powder from Make Up For Ever) on a brush and dust it in between the pearls, along the cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of the nose and on top of the lipstick to sparkle under the sea!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Get The Look Halloween Glam Mermaid

Give an old wig new life by changing the colour!

I used the grey/white wig which I wore in my Skeleton Bride Halloween look and sprayed it with Fudge Urban Colour Coral Crush Hair Art Spray* to give it a pretty, pastel feel. Start by spraying the roots and outer layers of the hair before moving onto the under layers. The wig is quite long so I used the whole can.

Then to add some dimension I took the Fudge Urban Colour Hair Chalk in 'Red Hot Pepper'* and took it through the ends and added some streaks throughout. Simply run the dome through the hair and then blended through with your hands for any areas where there was product build up.

Once your happy with the colours spray the wig with hairspray to lock the colours in.

I wore gloves to apply both colours and I would suggest doing in a well ventilated area either in the bathroom or outdoors.


*Some of these products were sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.