Get The Look: Halloween Killer Clown

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Get The Look Halloween Killer Clown

There is another creepy clown on the loose and it is no laughing matter! There have been several sightings and it is believed they will continue to invade Australia! Sleep with one eye open...

Below I have listed what I used for this creepy clown look and the steps to creating it!

White Soap - For blocking out the eyebrows
Disposable Spoolie Wand
Cream Foundation
Translucent Powder
Makeup Sponge Wedge
Face Paint - I used the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette
White Eyeliner Pencil - I used the Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner
Paint Brushes in different sizes - these don't have to be expensive, you can get them from a craft or discount store.
Liquid Latex - I picked this up from Scotty's
Ben Nye Stage Blood - I picked this up from Scotty's
Ben Nye Dark Blood - I picked this up from Scotty's
Ben Nye Thick Blood - I picked this up from Scotty's
Cotton Tips
Rainbow Clown Wig - I got mine from Heaven Costumes
Red Foam Clown Nose - I got mine from Heaven Costumes
Knife - I used a kitchen knife but for safety would recommend a plastic prop knife


Prep the skin using a hydrating primer. 

For this look I blocked out my eyebrows using the soap method. Add a small amount of water to a cake of white soap and use a spatula to mix the water into the soap to create a thick scum. Take a disposable spoolie wand, put it in the soap scum and work it through your natural brows in an upwards motion. The soap scum will begin to dry and your brows will sit flat against the skin. I also used the back of my spatula to add the soap scum to my brows to get them as smooth as possible. Allow the brows to dry before covering them with a cream foundation the same shade as your natural skin tone. I added 5-6 layers of foundation, allowing them to dry in between layers, to cover all of my brow hairs. Once they are totally concealed and dry, get a makeup sponge wedge and press translucent powder on them to set in place.

Start the killer clown look by drawing the mouth and diamonds around the eyes using a White Eyeliner Pencil. This way you have mapped out a guide for where you want to paint the features.

Once done take the white face paint on a face brush and paint outside of the facial features and take it under the chin and half way down your neck.

For the eyes, take red paint on a smaller brush and colour inside of the diamonds around the eyes and allow to dry. Then pick up black paint on a fine brush and paint the eyelids and lower lash line. Using a clean cotton tip, lightly smudge the black out around the eyes so it blends in with the red.

Using the same black paint and fine brush add thin, rounded eyebrows above the diamonds.

For the mouth, take red paint on a smaller brush and paint on the lips, leaving the inside of the mouth free of paint. Then take white paint on a fine brush and paint the teeth inside the mouth - you can also use the White Eyeliner Pencil to map the teeth out if that is easier. Then take black paint on a fine brush and paint in between the teeth and outline in the same direction as the lips.

Once done take white paint on a fine brush and sharpen any lines around the eyes/mouth or clean up any areas of the face.

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Get The Look Halloween Killer Clown

For the slit throat you will need liquid latex and tissues. Prepare the tissues by pulling them apart so they are only one ply and rip them into strips. Paint a thin stripe of liquid latex horizontally around the middle of the neck making sure you stop just before your hairline. While it is still wet add the strip of tissue over the top and paint with liquid latex over the top. Allow to dry (or use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process) and repeat this step 15-20 times so you have a thick wound. Once dry, paint over the latex and down the neck and chest with the white paint.

Once the paint has completely dried use some tweezers or scissors and carefully pick a hole in the middle of the latex. Then tear/cut it open so you have an opening running horizontally across the neck.

Add some depth to the slit by painting the inside with black paint on a fine brush. Take it all the way into the wound getting it into the edges. Then repeat this step using red paint on a fine brush.

Now for the fun part - the fake blood! Scoop some Thick Blood on a spatula and apply it within the slit and on the edges of the wound, smudging it out. Then take the Stage Blood and Dark Blood and drip it into the wound and allow it to drip down the neck. To make the blood look messy I used my fingers and a brush to smudge it out on the opening of the wound and on the neck and chest.

I finished the look by adding some of the Thick Blood and Stage Blood to the blade of a knife which I used as a prop. If you plan on taking this look to the streets definitely use a fake/plastic knife.