Get The Look: Halloween Skeleton Bride

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Halloween Tutorial Skeleton Bride

Here comes the bride...

In this special Halloween edition makeup tutorial I am going to show you how to recreate this cool and creepy skeleton bride look! For the skeleton makeup I was inspired by favourite makeup artist and YouTuber Chrisspy - if you haven't subscribed to her channel or seen her work you should definitely go check it out!

Light Foundation - 4-5 shades lighter than your natural skin tone
Light Concealer
Translucent Powder
Matte Neutral Eyeshadow Palette (containing black, white and brown shades)
Black Mascara
Black Eyeliner Pencil
Brow Pencil - Dark or Black
Black Face Paint
Makeup Brushes (blending brushes, thin brushes, powder brushes)
White/Grey Wig
Wig Cap
White Zombie Contact Lenses
Bouquet of Black Roses


Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Halloween Tutorial Skeleton Bride

For this look I did my eye makeup first. That way if there was any shadow fall out I could easily wipe it off before applying my foundation and base. I used shadows from the Kat Von D 'Shade + Light Eye Contour' Palette but feel free to use your favourite colourful matte eyeshadows to create this look.

Prep the eyelids using 'Painterly' Pro Longwear Paint Pot by M.A.C Cosmetics to create a smooth base. To set the eyelid base dust the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder over the entire lid. This will make it easier to blend the shadows and ensure the base isn't sticky.

For the eyes, start by using a fluffy blending brush to apply a matte brown shadow (I used 'Solas') into the crease and as a transition shade. Go back and forth in a fast, light handed motion to blend and create a transition shade. Then get a flat brush and pack a matte black shadow (I used 'Shax') to the entire lid, taking it into the inner corner and also creating a 'V' shape in the outer corner. Then take a clean fluffy blending brush and lightly brush over the top of the brown and black shades to fuse together and create softly blended edges.

For the lower lash line, take a pencil brush and apply the same matte brown shadow. Once applied take a clean small fluffy blending brush and work over the top to soften and eliminate any harsh lines. Then on a smudge brush take the same matte black shadow and apply as close to the lower lash line as you can. This will deepen the intensity of the eyes.

Line the inner waterline using a M.A.C Black Kohl Eyeliner Pencil and before coating your lashes with black mascara. Feel free to add lashes too but because the eyes were already so dark I decided to skip this step.

To highlight the brow bone use a matte white shadow (I used 'Liberatus') and lightly apply in between the brows and eyeshadow. Use a clean blending brush and lightly brush over the top to soften and blend.

Don't put the contact lenses in just yet, we will come back to this later in the look.

Shape and define the brows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and then on an angle brush lightly apply the same matte black shadow to darken the brows. To hold any natural brow hairs in place apply the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

For the brows we also want to create some intensity by adding shadow to the start of each brow. To do this I used the same angle brush with a small amount of matte black shadow (tap the brush to remove any excess shadow) and used a light handed flicking motion to create small upward strokes. If you happen to get any harsh lines get a cotton tip and lightly blend it out to soften.

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Halloween Tutorial Skeleton Bride

Hydrate and prime the skin by applying the Too Faced Hangover Primer to the entire face to create a smooth base and to reduce any visible pores.

For foundation I used the M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in the shade NW15 (I am normally an NW20) for a full coverage. Apply to the face and neck before blending out with a damp Beautyblender. Once the face and neck is blended take the Beautyblender and apply any excess foundation from the sponge onto the lips so they are flesh coloured too.

Conceal under the eyes and any blemishes using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and blend out using a damp Beautyblender.

Once done, set under the eyes and face using the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.

To create the ultimate skeleton face we need intense hollowed out cheekbones so get ready to contour and blend, blend, blend! For this I used the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Face PaletteKat Von D 'Shade + Light Eye Contour' Palette (as used for the eyes above) and a variety of blending brushes, pencil brushes and contour brushes. To start I used a white kohl eyeliner pencil to draw on the shape of the cheekbones as a guide. Then taking a light brown contour shadow (I used 'Sombre') apply it over the white line and bring it down slightly under the line to create hollowness. Continue doing this and blending to create a soft cheekbone definition. Then to create depth get the matte black shadow (I used 'Shax') on a small blending brush and apply to the top part of the cheekbone, bringing it down slightly for that hollowed look. Then we want to highlight the cheekbone to make it pop by getting a matte white shadow (I used 'Liberatus') and applying it to the bottom part of the cheekbone using a pencil brush and then blending it inwards onto the face. This was the part which took me the longest to do but just be patient and keep blending and adding shadow until you create the depth and definition that you want.

Touch up the lips with any excess foundation on the damp Beautyblender and then take a thin brush (I used an eyeliner brush) and use the matte black shadow (as used for the eyes above) to draw on the mouth/teeth details.

Starting at the centre of the lips (cupids bow), draw a vertical line through the top and bottom lip. Continue doing this outwards on each side and onto the sides of the mouth. Once done draw a soft, horizontal line from the inside corner of the mouth outwards, going straight through the middle of the vertical lines you created. Extend this line further out on each side of the face lightly softening at the end (use a clean cotton tip to soften any harsh lines).

Before putting on the wig, pin your hair back and as flat and close to the scalp as you can securing with bobby pins - this will ensure there are no lumps and bumps when the wig is on. Apply a wig cap to keep all your hair in place and then put on the white wig and style as desired.


Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Halloween Tutorial Skeleton Bride

I don't regularly wear contact lenses so I wanted to leave this step until the end so not to irritate my eyes or make my eye makeup run. I purchased the Zombie White Contact lenses from Heaven costumes but feel free to use your favourite lenses or prescription lenses if you require them. If you are not confident using contact lenses you can skip this step or get advice from your optometrist before applying. I love the eery feeling the contacts create and it really takes the look to the next level.


Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Halloween Tutorial Skeleton Bride

A bouquet of black roses was the perfect finishing touch!