In Case Of Emergency: Beauty Guide

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Beauty Guide In Case Of Emergency

Last Friday I was admitted for emergency surgery and apart from being in pain I had to think of a list of things for my boyfriend to bring me in my overnight bag. This was definitely unplanned so thinking of essentials off the top of my head didn't come easily! Luckily my toiletries bag was still pretty stocked from Bali but in this post I wanted to share my top 5's on what I have used most and what I can recommend if you need to pack an emergency overnight bag. 



Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Beauty Guide In Case Of Emergency

Lip Balm
Coming out of surgery and breathing through your mouth leads to chapped lips and fast (one of my most disliked things). so having my Antipodes Lip Balm was a life saver!

Face Wipes
Mobility may be limited depending on your surgery type but a fresh face is easy with your fave wipes! I love the Johnson's Daily Essentials Refreshing Face Cleansing Wipes.

If your body is dehydrated chances are your skin will be dehydrated and not being outside meant my skin broke out a bit too. So moisturising cream was essential to hydrate and put the moisture back into my skin. I loved using the GOODNESS Every Morning Moisturiser.

Sleep Mask
This wasn't essential but it made me feel semi human and helped hydrate my skin while I slept. I love the Sephora Gel Sleep Masks and generally get 3-4 applications from one sachet.

Hair Brush
I actually forgot this first time round not that it mattered I had a messy top knot for about three days but when I washed my hair my Tangle Teezer was a must!



Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Beauty Guide In Case Of Emergency

Phone / Laptop / Tablet
In the hospital you needed to pay $10 a day to rent the TV and you only got free to air channels and a couple of movies that play at set times. Download movies or games to your phone to keep you connected and entertained!

Chargers (Phone, Laptop etc)
Keep your devices charged so you always have juice and you don't miss a minute!

Reading material is a must. I only had a few mags but a good variety from trashy to fashion and style.

Puzzle Book
When you're starting to feel better beat the boredom and stimulate your mind with a puzzle book. A friend of mine was kind enough to bring one and I have loved it! 

Listen to your favourite tunes or block out the hospital chatter!



Freeze Memberships
If you've had surgery there will be a period of time that you'll need to rest for. Instead of paying for unused gym time call or email them to pause your membership. Generally they will do it for at least 30 days.

Contact Your Place of Employment
Ensure someone you know can inform your boss or manager on the situation. They can then make alternate arrangements for while you're recovering.

Out Of Office
If you're like me and work for yourself you'll need to let your clients know you're out of action. Not just for courtesy but the show must go on and they will need to take over tasks which may have been assigned to you. Contact key clients directly and be sure add an out of office message to your email.

Hospital Location
I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of family and friends that came to visit me but when the nurses moved me from one ward to another and I forgot to tell them my new room number it didn't make for a fun time. Text your nearest and dearest and let them know the new ward/room details to save them the hassle :)

Listen to your Doctors
Be sure to listen carefully to your doctors and follow their directions to ensure a speedy recovery. They do this everyday and want you well and back on your feet so by following their advice you'll be back home in no time!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Beauty Guide In Case Of Emergency

I was extremely spoilt and appreciate all the love and well wishes I received during this time.