Keune BLEND Launch + My Hair Transformation

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Keune BLEND and Hair Transformation


I love experimenting with my hair but when it comes to styling I always end up throwing my hair up into a boring old pony tail! So when the official invitation to the Keune BLEND Launch arrived in my mailbox (I love receiving invitations in the mail!) along with a complementary styling session I was super excited and couldn't wait to learn more about the new range.

Keune Haircosmetics is a salon-only, professional hair care brand and on Wednesday August 24, fellow bloggers and media arrived at HeadOffice Hair in Bondi Junction, an authorised stockist, to celebrate the launch of their new range, BLEND.

Before commencing my hair styling session I met with salon owner Leanne, who explained that each product in the BLEND range is designed to be used in combination with each other to create individual hair styles. From Volume Powder to Hair Wax and Gloss Spray, each product comes in luxe industrial style packaging with a different colour wrap and are all priced under $30!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Keune BLEND and Hair Transformation

I was then introduced to senior colourist, Deirdre Ward, who created the most amazing, voluminous top knot using a few products from the BLEND range which was easy for me to recreate at home!

Dee started with the top knot, sectioning the top section of my hair, putting it in a pony tail and then sprinkling in some Keune BLEND Volume Powder. After a bit of scrunching and back combing she had given that ponytail so much life and once twisted and pinned down became the ultimate top knot, putting any top knot I had ever created to shame!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Keune BLEND and Hair Transformation

Then we wanted to give the rest of my hair tousled, textured waves. Dee added some loose curls with a GHD and then sprayed in some BLEND Sea Salt Spray which gave my hair instant body and volume. Considering this was more product than I was used to having in my hair it felt fantastic and the style looked soft and effortless.

To complete the look and for instant shine Dee gave it a quick spritz of BLEND Gloss Spray.

My favourite product from the BLEND range would have to be the Volume Powder. I used this to create the two buns in my Rainbow Brite Makeup Look and the smallest sprinkle creates incredible volume and gives you so much control when styling.



After having such a great time with the HeadOffice Hair girls at the Keune BLEND launch I knew I had to book in for a hair makeover!

This transformation is something I had been thinking about for awhile and the main thing stopping me was the current colour of my hair: blue. Blue is such a strong pigment and it stuck to my hair like glue, I had been trying to grow it out and fade it for over 6 months and it wasn't budging! So if I can offer one piece of advice for someone wanting blue hair it would be to think about it long and hard because you might be stuck with it for awhile!

But after briefly talking to HeadOffice Hair during the launch I knew they were ready to take on the challenge! The goal - a balayage style with dark roots and silver/grey ends.

The team at HeadOffice Hair knew what I had in mind and wanted to do whatever they could to help me reach this result without compromising the health of my hair. So I popped in a couple of days prior to my appointment so they could take a small hair swatch to test and see what was going to give the best results.

When I arrived on Friday I was met by Dee (Deirdre Ward) and she talked me through what she planned on doing to achieve the look I wanted to achieve. Because the blue was so stubborn we did have to see how it progressed through each step but I could not have been happier with the end result - it was exactly what I wanted!

Before (left) + After (right)

Before (left) + After (right)

The salon has such a great vibe - the girls are lovely, they make you feel comfortable and give you the best experience while creating amazing hair results. While I was there they had achieved major client colour transformations, gorgeous up-dos, bridal styles and mens cuts - they didn't stop all afternoon but gave the same service and attention to detail to every person who walked through that door!

When you visit them I definitely recommend that you get a hair treatment - this was probably my favourite part of the whole experience and I am a sucker for a good head massage! As you lay back in the chair a towel is placed on your chest along with a few drops of essential oil putting you in an immediate state of relaxation! Then the treatment is massaged into your hair and you can shut your eyes, sit back, relax and get lost in the moment.

HeadOffice Hair is located at 235 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
(with parking available in the Westfield Shopping Centre).



*These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. The products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.