Kit Tips... I Wish I Had Known!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Kit Tips

From Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia to beach photo shoots, I have had so much fun creating makeup magic at a variety of locations!

Working with pro MUA’s and admiring their kits has definitely helped me when it comes to organising my own and I am here to share some kit tips, which will help make you a more efficient artist on the job! Plus if you can adopt these good habits now, it will make your job a lot easier in the long run!

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
It is important to be familiar with the contents of your kit and to organise it a couple of days before a job to ensure you have everything you need. It might sound extreme but imagine if you have a 5:30am call time and you’re packing your kit the night before and realise you have run out of a specific lipstick shade you need for the job! You will end up stressing out, which could result in a sleepless night and impact your work on the day. So give yourself enough time to pick up any last minute products, it will make you feel more confident as an artist knowing you have everything you need.

Case ‘on’ Point
Generally when you’re starting out, your kit will be contained within a clear, plastic shoulder bag. This is ideal to begin with but as you add more and more product to your kit, your back and shoulders will definitely start to feel the pressure! So I would recommend getting a portable makeup case on wheels. I personally use a ZUCA Artist Pro and I can’t imagine my life without it! But if that is a little exi there are a variety of affordable, portable cases available on eBay which will also do the job!

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lipstick Decanter

Less Is More
The ‘Be Prepared’ motto does not just apply to the Scouts! As a makeup artist you need to prepared with the right products for different looks, skin tones and conditions but that doesn’t mean you should overload your kit. Maximise space by only taking the products you need and consider decanting products into empty palettes, containers or bottles to minimise bulk. I recently decanted some of my lipsticks into an empty palette to save space and so I can easily see my colour options while I am working. So instead of having 20 individual lipstick bullets, they are all contained in one small palette. The same goes for liquids, buy a large bottle of solution and decant it into a smaller bottle which will easily fit in your kit!

Location! Location! Location!
On location or at a shoot you won’t always have the luxury of setting up your makeup exactly as you would like it and you WILL have to follow your model and be on hand to ensure their hair and/or makeup is on point. An on set bag is ideal for taking essential products with you without carting around your whole kit. Just fill it with products that you will need for touch ups eg: lipstick, powder, blushes, bronzer, hair products, clips, makeup brushes, disposables etc. I would also recommend packing your on set bag the night before and just adding the final products used to create your look on the day so you are good to go!

Kat Kit Road have created the ‘Location Bag’ which is perfect for keeping you organised on set!

One Kit Doesn’t Fit All
Many artists have different kits for different job types. For example if you are doing bridal makeup you aren’t going to need all your special effects products and tools. This isn’t me telling you to rush out and buy 5 different kits, just be mindful when you’re organising your kit for a job and only pack what is necessary.