Lash Love

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lash Love

Lashes are the easiest way to take your makeup look from zero to one hundred! Not only do they frame the eyes but they are the perfect finishing touch for a glamorous makeup look. 

Below I share some of my favourite lash brands, styles, my must-have lash glue and how I like to store and care for my lashes.

I have tried many different types of lashes but I personally love a full set of lashes on a thin lash band. The thin lash band gives me more control and allows me to place them right at the root of my natural lashes for a seamless look.

Once I have applied my lashes I coat my natural lashes with mascara to fuse them with the fake lash for a natural looking finish.

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lash Love

Ardell has an amazing range of affordable and easily accessible lashes perfect for achieving any lash look! I first discovered Ardell Lashes from watching my favourite beauty YouTuber Nicole Guerriero and I loved them so much on her that I had to try them for myself. So I picked up a pair of Demi Wispies and they have been my ride or die lashes ever since!
Plus did you know Ardell Lashes are currently 20% Off at Priceline at the moment? Winning!
My Pick: Demi Wispies

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lash Love

SocialEyes Lashes
Founded by beauty and fashion vlogger Karissa Pukas, SocialEyes is an extremely affordable lash range with a variety or full, half and lower lashes to suit all styles! I especially love the Half Lash strips which allow you to add volume and length to the outer corner of the eyes.
My Pick: Tease 2.0

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lash Love

Velour Lashes
I picked up my first pair of Velour Lashes when I visited Sephora in America and it was love at first sight! Velour Lashes have a luxe range of mink and silk lashes which look absolutely flawless for a natural or glam lash look! These are a little on the pricier side so it definitely pays to take good care of them to get the most of our lashes. They also offer International shipping so you can get your Velour Lashes fix anywhere in the world!
My Pick: Another Shot Of Whispie

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lash Love

Glam by Manicare 'We Are Handsome' Lashes*
Sydney swimwear and fashion label, We Are Handsome, has teamed up with Glam by Manicare to create a limited edition lash collection. Available in 4 different styles with invisible lash bands, there is a lash perfect for creating a natural (01. isla mujeres and 02. maui), lengthening (03. boracay) or voluminous (04. santorini) lash look. Each set also comes with glue so you have everything you need to transform your look!
My Pick: 04 santorini

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lash Love

ModelRock Lashes
Another lash brand I love for myself and my kit is ModelRock Lashes. They have natural lashes, party lashes and individual lashes ideal to create endless looks! What I love most is their Multi Pack Lashes which allows you to buy a five pack of your favourite lashes or a mixed pack so you can try different lashes in your favourite styles. For makeup artists you will get amazing value with their Bulk Pick & Mix where you get 50 pairs of lashes at $1.85 a pair!
My Pick: Double Style Individual Lashes - Long Knotted



Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lash Love

Duo False Lash Adhesive
I love the Duo Lash Glue and use it for myself and when applying lashes on my clients. The glue comes out of the tube white so you can easily see where you are placing it but dries clear so you wouldn't even know it is there!

To apply the glue to individual lashes I squeeze a small amount out of the tube onto a palette, dip the end of each lash in and allow it to get tacky before applying to the eyes. For a band of lashes I apply a strip of glue straight to the band from the tube or I squeeze some of the glue onto a palette and use a clean cotton tip to apply it to the lash band.

To fast track the glue drying process I wave/fan the lash in the air before applying. Never blow on the lashes to make the glue dry faster, especially when applying them to someone else, as this is extremely unhygienic and can spread germs.


Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Lash Love

To prolong the life of my lashes I like to clean and store them safely after each use.

To clean I start by taking a pair of tweezers and removing any of the dry lash glue from the band. Then to remove any mascara, liquid liner or makeup from the lashes I dip a cotton tip into some makeup remover and carefully wipe over the lashes and lash band. You will be able to see any excess mascara and makeup come off onto the cotton tip so I repeat this step until the cotton tip wipes clean.

Once the lashes are dry I store them back in their original box or in an eyelash case I picked up from Daiso which allows you to store multiple sets securely in one place. 

When I follow this cleaning and storage routine I can generally get 4-5 wears out of a set of lashes.

Before applying lashes always measure them up against your lash line. If the false lashes are a bit too long get a small pair of scissors and trim the lashes from the outer edge being careful to cut through the lash band and not through the lashes. Never cut the lashes once they are applied to your eyes - you could slip and cause damage to your eyes or cut your natural lashes.

Apply the lash glue to the lash band but allow it to dry for 30-60 seconds before applying the lashes above your natural lash line. By allowing the glue to get tacky you will have more control when placing and positioning the lashes.

If you struggle with applying a full band of lashes make application easy by cutting them into three separate pieces and applying each one separately. This will allow you to focus on one piece at a time and not worry about the band curling or coming up at the ends.

Once you have applied the lashes take a black liquid liner and run it over the lash band to disguise it for a more polished finish.

I am always on the hunt for new lashes to try!
Let me know your favourite lash styles below so I can check them out!


*Some of these products were sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.