Milky Foot Challenge - Before and After

Milky Foot Challenge Marisa Robinson

A few months ago I took part in the Milky Foot Challenge. I wish I could say my feet didn't need it but they definitely did! I am renown for not wearing shoes and we have floorboards in our house so my feet are always exposed to the elements.

In this post I am going to share my Milky Foot Challenge experience, my thoughts and before and after results from this Intense Exfoliating Foot Pad treatment.

I had heard of the Milky Foot Exfoliating Foot Pads but I will admit I was skeptical. How could spending an hour in some booties possibly remove all the dead skin from my feet? To better educate myself I referred to the Milky Foot website. Below is the information I found on the peeling process and layers of the skin:

TO understand how MIlkyFoot works, it is important to understand the human skin consists of three layers – the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous. Within the epidermis layer there are proteins that help to hold skin cells together. As the skin migrates to the surface over time, these proteins break down leaving the feet skin less smooth and uncracked.

Milky Foot Challenge

These dead skin cells are saturated with keratin, which is a protein also found in hair and nails. This keratinous skin helps to protect the epidermis from external stimuli and also protect the body from moisture loss. This dead skin is significantly harder than living tissue. As such, the excessive build-up of this skin can give the feet a hard and dry appearance. In our everyday life friction and pressure is constantly imposed on the feet. Because of this friction, the skin is not able to peel off naturally. This results in the accumulation of keratinous cells which create a hard layer in which the bodies natural exfoliating process no longer breaks down the keratinous cells. If nothing is done against this build-up, the skin can become dry and crack (cracked heel) causing pain and, bleeding* and even infection in more severe cases. (* Avoid use of Milky Foot if your feet have open/bleeding wounds)

When you put your feet into MilkyFoot socks, through exposing this dead skin to the formula, it identifies the cornified layers and focusing on removing this outer layer of skin from the feet. Unlike scraping your feet or alternative treatments, MilkyFoot allows for the feet to peel gradually, without aggressive or dangerous tools, just a 45min-1hr treatment then in the coming 3-7 days the skin peels away without force or strength making it super easy.

Below is a shot of my feet pre the Milky Foot Challenge. As you can see my feet are quite dry and cracked around the heels and sides of my feet as a result of not wearing shoes.

Milky Foot Challenge Marisa Robinson

Applying the Milky Foot booties is easy.
Simply remove the booties from the foil packet and cut along the line indicated. 
Put the booties onto cleansed, dry feet and tape them using the attached double sided adhesive tape. Soak your feet in the booties for 45-60minutes.

NOTE - I would definitely suggest putting socks over the top of the booties, I tried to walk in them and almost fell over haha! Also don't have your feet up in the position like I did above as I found some of the solution came out of the back.

Milky Foot Challenge Marisa Robinson

Straight after the booties are removed I cleansed my feet in warm water and dried with a towel. There is no immediate peeling but my feet did feel a little dry. I also forgot to remove the nail polish off my toes so it had faded a bit after application.

So far no signs of peeling so I was a little worried it wasn't going to work. But after wearing sandals to an event I got home and some of the skin on the bottom of my feet had started to peel. I'm not sure if it was the friction from my shoe but it gave it the push along that it needed to get the process going.

The soles of my feet are really peeling now so much so that I have to pull some off as it was getting caught on my socks (eww). I felt like a snake shedding its skin but my new feet coming through are looking so good, I can't wait to see the end result!

Milky Foot Challenge Marisa Robinson

The peeling continues and as you can see I am 3/4 through the process with just some skin on the outer edges waiting to come off.

Milky Foot Challenge Marisa Robinson

My feet are almost like new with only a bit of skin left to shed. They are feeling super soft now that they are on the home stretch!

Milky Foot Challenge Marisa Robinson

Ta Daaaaa! The peeling process is complete and as you can see I have completely smooth feet. When compared to my before shot you can see my feet are much smoother and less cracked especially around the heels and outsides of my feet.

Milky Foot Challenge Marisa Robinson

In order to maintain my new, super soft feet I have been applying the Milky Foot Essence to my feet morning and night. This essence contains PolySan, Chitosan, Vitis Vinifera and plant extracts to protect your feet and delay the formation of hardened skin.

So my photos speak for themselves and it is safe to say the Milky Foot Challenge was a success! The packaging states that dead skin will be peeling off naturally after 3 to 7 days and the exfoliating process lasts for 7 to 10 days so my feet were right on schedule throughout the whole peeling process. It is recommended to do the Milky Foot challenge every 3 months and I would definitely do it again.

Have you taken part in the Milky Foot challenge? Tag me in your results so I can check them out!


*These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.