Mirenesse Thermal Wrap n Repair Self Heating Hair Mask

Mirenesse Thermal Wrap N Repair Hair Mask Marisa Robinson Beauty

My hair has been in desperate need of a good treatment lately so the stars definitely aligned when I received a delivery from Mirenesse this week containing a world first!

Mirenesse has just released a Thermal Wrap n Repair Mask which is a hair serum cap infused with powerful clinically proven ingredients and organic botanicals to nourish, strengthen and rejuvenate the hair.

In this blog post I put the Mirenesse Thermal Wrap n Repair Mask to the test and share my first impressions and how it made my hair feel!

Before I share the process and my thoughts here is some info direct from the Mirenesse website:
Our 6-in-1 World First Intensive Hair Treatment Foil Cap is contains a one-of-a-kind clinically proven powerful Anagain Hair Growth Molecule to boost hair growth and reduce rate of hair loss. You’ll notice instantly smooth and thickened hair just after the first treatment. This easy-to-use at home salon grade hair mask can eliminate tangles making it easier to have beautiful hair to maintain any hairstyle for longer.

Ideal for all hair types, especially dry, dull, damaged, knotty hair needing tender care.

Anagain Hair Growth Molecule: Fights hair loss & stimulates hair growth
Lotus Flower Infusion: Conditions hair for a natural shine
Hydrolysed Silk: Reinforces the strength & structure of hair
Ceramides: Restores the hair's health
Organic Coconut Oil: Help to treat split ends & tame frizzy hair whilst making hair softer, silkier & shinier
Organic Manuka Honey: Improves the health of the hair follicles & the scalp, softens & smoothens hair

Mirenesse Hair Mask Review Marisa Robinson Beauty

Step 1 - Shampoo and towel dry hair so it is still damp.

Mirenesse Hair Mask Review Marisa Robinson Beauty

Step 2 - Tear the foil bag and remove the hair mask. You will be instantly greeted with a fresh scent which smells amazing!

Mirenesse Hair Mask Review Marisa Robinson Beauty

Step 3 - Put the cap on and secure with the sticker tab. Massage it in and kick back and relax for 20 minutes.

Tip - I found by wrapping my hair, like I was creating a bun, made it easier to get into the cap.

Mirenesse Hair Mask Review Marisa Robinson Beauty

Step 4 - Once 20 minutes it up rinse your hair until the water runs clear and air/towel dry.

First Impressions:
The mask cap fit really well and the sticker tab secured it perfectly.
While it is a thermal mask I didn't feel any warming sensation and it was comfortable to wear.
Once I removed the mask I noticed there was minimal serum left in the cap and that my hair had absorbed the majority of the serum.
My hair smelt really nice and it took less than 3 minutes to rinse the serum out.
I let my hair air dry and it felt super soft, smooth and there were zero fly aways!

Mirenesse recommend using a mask 1 - 2 times per week for maximum results so I will definitely be pampering myself this weekend with another mask until my hair condition improves. Years of colouring/bleaching as well as my chemo treatment last year definitely took its toll on my hair so I have been working on getting it stronger and healthier and this mask is definitely going to help!

For the next 24 hours Mirenesse have a special introductory launch offer where you can get a set of 3 Thermal Wrap N Repair Hair Masks for only $29AUD - normally $48AUD! Head to www.mirenesse.com for this one time offer!

Is your hair in need of a treatment? Will you be giving the Mirenesse Themal Hair Mask a try?


*These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. The product has been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.