Models Own 'Cheat Day' Review

Models Own Cheat Day Collection Review

If you're looking for a guilt free sugar rush then look no further than the new Models Own 'Cheat Day' Collection. Filled with eyeshadows, lip glazes, highlighters, this collection has everything you need to put your makeup look in a sugar coma!

In this blog post I am going to share my review of the collection and a makeup look I created using these new beauties.

Models Own Cheat Day Makeup Look

Models Own Cheat Day Eyeshadow Palette $29.95
Now before we get into the formulation let me just clear up the shape of the eyeshadows. While at first glance these shadows may look like nipples (haha I know you thought it too!) they are actually donuts! When the palette lid is closed there are little donut pictures with sprinkles which look super cute and suit the theme perfectly. But this donut design has actually allowed for 16 different eyeshadow shades rather than just 8 as the outer shade is one colour and finish and the inner circle is a different colour and finish.

This palette is made up of matte and shimmer shades which I found really pigmentation and beautiful to blend. Some of the lighter matte shades require a little more product for an intense look but I like that they can be built up so you can achieve either a natural or glam look. The metallic/shimmer shades really impressed me and look amazing on the inner corner or on the lid to add some dimension and shine. Naturally I gravitated towards the peachy pink shadows but they are all beautiful and would look great with every eye colour!

Models Own Cheat Day Makeup Look

Models Own Cheat Day Lip Glazes $12.95 each
If you are a metallic lip lover you can't go past these Lip Glazes! Available in 3 shades: Creme Brulee, Meringue and Frosting the formula glides on over the lips and has a long lasting finish without drying the lips out. The doe foot applicator makes applying the lip glaze precisely and with ease.

The shade I used in this makeup look is 'Meringue' which is a beautiful pink but I love Frosting just as much which has a more peachy finish.

Models Own Cheat Day available at Priceline

Models Own Cheat Day Cheek Glaze Palette $24.95
I am all about that highlighter life and this palette did not disappoint! Filled with three ultra fine luminescent pearl shades, this palette is ideal to use as a highlighter on the high points of the face or as a blush for a nice, natural glow. They aren't glittery or too shimmery and apply really smoothly without looking cakey.

I received these goodies in a PR parcel and it also came with some stickers so I could customise my palette which I thought was a really fun touch!

All in all I am really impressed with the quality of all the products and how super affordable the range is. Because the shadows are buildable it makes this eyeshadow palette great for makeup beginners and for those who prefer a more natural look for every day.

The Models Own Collection is exclusive to Priceline in store and online.

Have you tried anything from Models Own or their Cheat Day Collection? Let me know your favourites below.


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