My Keto Transformation - 15.8kg Weight Loss in 12 Weeks!

Marisa Robinson Keto Transformation

My relationship with food and maintaining weight loss has been a struggle my whole life. You name a fad diet and chances are that I have tried it - most lasting a couple of weeks, being totally unrealistic which then results in me falling off the bandwagon!

But 12 weeks ago I discovered the Josef Rakich 12 Week Keto Body Transformation and I decided it was time for me to start taking my health seriously and take control of my life again.

In this blog post I am going to share my Keto journey, 12 week body transformation and my experience with the Josef Rakich Keto program.

My relationship with food has never been the greatest. When I lived at home it was because my Mum always prepared us healthy and nutritious meals but I have always been a snacker. Sweets and desserts have always been my weakness - I would go as far to say that I was addicted to sugar. I had attempted to give sugar up a few times and the headaches from the withdrawals were the worst - probably a reason I never stuck to it!

In October 2016 I was also diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. I had the blockage and part of my bowel removed and after my treatment I had genetic testing which came back negative. With no trace back to family genetics, these inconclusive results were a shock but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was related to my poor health choices. I don’t know this for sure of course, but now being more aware of the affects sugar and processed foods have on your body have brought me to this conclusion.

You would think a health scare like this would have pushed me to lose weight straight away but it didn’t, despite being told by my specialist at every appointment that losing weight would help. I always saw it as more of a personal attack and would get super upset. I wasn’t prepared to take responsibility for my health and continued to eat the same way while also attending weekly PT sessions.

I can’t remember a time I haven’t weighed under 100kgs, my average being between 110-115kg. I am not proud of that number but I want to share to give you some perspective of what I was working with. Holding that much weight is a burden - not just on my body but on my mind and mental health. I wasn’t confident in myself, I hid under clothes, I felt uncomfortable - I wasn’t unhappy but I don’t feel like I was my true self.

Another wake up call was a doctors appointment I had and some blood work which came back less than ideal. In a nutshell I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and I was on the brink of having Diabetes. You would have thought Cancer would have been the biggest wake up call but when I heard all this something clicked, I had to start taking my health seriously. We only get one chance at life and I wasn’t treating my body with the respect it deserved.

In November 2018 I decided to make the change and start my Keto Journey. After watching the incredible transformations of so many beauty influencers I decided that this was something I had never heard of and was curious to try. After some more research I discovered the Josef Rakich 12 Week Body Transformation which follows the Keto Diet. Keto is a low carb, high-fat (read good fats like Avocado etc) and adequate-protein - it definitely sounded like a realistic plan and the fact that cheese was part of the plan was a bonus!

The JRF Challenge was a one-off payment of $67USD for the 12 week program. Now before you think that is too much let me tell you what you get as part of the program:
- Your meal plans >> Updated Monthly
- Personalised workout programs >> Updated Monthly
- Extreme ab workouts >> Updated Monthly
- Fast fat burning cardio routines
- Members Only Mobile App
- Private Facebook group with access to Josef
- 24/7 Email Support

When you sign up you complete a form with your current weight, height, diet restrictions, exercise intensity etc. These are the details they then use to curate your personal eating and exercise plan. I am a pescatarian and only eat fish so it was nice that they could create a plan with foods I actually eat.

Their support team was extremely helpful! When I started the program I had a few questions about the food I could eat which I would email through. Without fail I would get a response within 24 hours and being really friendly and helpful.

But best perk of the program is definitely the JRF community. Not only is it a constant source of inspiration but it is great to see the transformations and connect with people who are on the same journey as you. Plus Josef personally gets on and does live videos and answers your questions so you feel supported every step of the way.

So now that you know more about me and the program let’s get stuck into my journey and the results!

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 28th November 2018 - 113.5kg

This week was all about educating myself and learning about portion sizes. This was VERY foreign to me, I had never weighed my food in my whole life! So I picked up a set of food scales and started food prepping based on my program. The handy thing is that you get a shopping list based on the program so you know exactly what you need and how much you need of it! Here is a sneaky peek into my first Keto shopping cart!

Keto Food Shopping

Because desserts and sweets have always been my weakness I needed to be prepared for the cravings. I was super inspired by Mz Keto and Jaz Goes Fitspo on Instagram as they always shared such delicious recipes so when I saw these Jelly Treats I knew I would be onto a winner and they are super easy to make.

Get Lite Jelly Crystals and make them in shaped ice cube moulds. Pop them in the freezer to set and once ready sprinkle with citric acid for instant sour lolly treats.

Keto Jelly Treats

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 5th December 2018 - 109.95kg
Loss in a week -3.55kg

During my first week on Keto I got an email from the Josef Rakich team with a recipe for Keto Pizza! I love pizza so to hear there was a keto alternative was awesome and it has actually been my fave keto meal because you can use so many different ingredients and mix it up to suit your mood or what you feel like!

My fave Keto Pizza is made on a low carb wrap base, pizza sauce, spinach leaves, fresh tomato, mushrooms, prawns and topped with grated cheese - delicious!

Keto Pizza

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 12th December 2018 - 108.35kg
Loss in a week -1.6kg

Another Keto recipe I found which was super easy and delicious was stuffed mushrooms. While I got recipes through the JRF program I also searched Google and found alternative meals so I could mix things up.

I stuffed the mushrooms with spinach, fetta, bacon (for Jason), topped with grated cheese and put in the oven to bake.

Keto Stuffed Mushrooms


WEIGH IN - Wednesday 19th December 2018 - 106.85kg
Loss in a week -1.5kg

Doing the 12 week Keto challenge over Christmas probably wasn’t my smartest idea but the way I saw it was that I had eaten bad my whole life, I can do this over the 2 week festive period! It wasn’t easy but food prep and planning my meals/snacks was definitely key. On Christmas day we had our whole family come over and we prepared lunch. We had all the normal stuff but I had organised some alternative which I could have and others could enjoy too like Cauliflower Bake which is super yummy!

Keto Cauliflower Bake

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 26th December 2018 - 105.10kg
Loss in a week -1.75kg

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 2nd January 2019 - 104.90kg
Loss in a week -0.2kg

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 9th January 2019 - 103.35kg
Loss in a week -1.55kg

If you are planning on doing the Keto journey I would recommend taking lots of photos along the way. Some days I didn’t feel like I was making progress but when I put the before and after pics side by side I could see the difference. You can also take measurements to track your journey. I didn’t do this but it is a great way to track how you are going.

Keto Transformation 2019


WEIGH IN - Wednesday 16th January 2019 - 102.75kg
Loss in a week -0.6kg

On Saturday 19th January I hit a major milestone - my period came (properly) for first time in years! I never understood how dangerous it was to not be getting a regular cycle and while I never looked forward to that time of month, having it finally arrive made me so happy! My body was responding to my weight loss and getting back to normal. The period pain was excruciating and not a good time but I just had to look on the bright side that it was finally happening!

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 23 January 2019 - 101.80kg
Loss in a week -0.95kg

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 30 January 2019 - 100.35kg
Loss in a week -1.45kg

Keto VS Carb face - another progress shot which really put into perspective how far I have come!

Keto Transformation 2019


WEIGH IN - Wednesday 6 February 2019 - 99.55kg
Loss in a week -0.8kg

Same Outfit - New Body! This pic really put things into perspective for me. I thought I looked good in this outfit back in August 2018 but when I put it on now I realised how much comfier it was, the shorts weren’t super tight and the singlet wasn’t stretched to the max! I shared this before and after on Instagram and received a lot of love which I truly appreciate.

This week also marks the milestone of reaching double digits on the scale again! I can’t even remember the last time I have weighed under 100kg so this is such a huge achievement for me!

Keto Transformation 2019

WEIGH IN - Wednesday 13 February 2019 - 99.10kg
Loss in a week -0.45kg

When I bought this paper bag waistband skirt last year, you couldn’t even tell it was a paper bag waist - the elastic was pretty much stretched to the max! But now it is so comfortable and fitting so well. I have also found myself wearing less black. I think I used my black wardrobe as a slimming security blanket but now I am feeling better and more confident I have found myself wearing more white tees and coloured styles in general.

Keto Transformation


WEIGH IN - Wednesday 20 February 2019 - 97.7kg
Loss in a week -1.4kg

My final weigh in and I have done it! I have hit my 15kg weight loss goal and I could not be happier!!


Keto Results

Keto Homemade Pizzas

FroPro Chocolate Ice Cream

While this is the end of the 12 week challenge it is not the end of my Keto journey. I am going to continue weighing myself weekly to stay on track and following a low carb diet. I will have treats from time to time as you can have everything in moderation but I have a lot more self control now and know when to stop.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and my Keto Journey. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

Are you on a Keto Journey or have you tried Keto in the past?


*I purchased the JRF Keto Plan with my own money. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.