Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream Review

Marisa Robinson Beauty Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream

When it comes to hair removal I will admit I am a bit of a wuss. I have tried laser and found it painful, waxing wasn't pleasant either and don't even talk to me about epilators. While pain is beauty that sort of pain is something I didn't want to experience often so I have always stuck to my faithful razor.

Then last week I received a tube of the Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream. I am always skeptical about hair removal creams after trying them in the past and not really having much luck so my hopes for this weren't that high. But it was new to me so who was I to judge before putting it to the test.

Like all things I receive, I test them on myself first before recommending or trying them on others. I decided to remove the hair my left arm. You're probably wondering why but this is the arm which I have tattoos on and I always like how they look when my arm is hair free. I also wanted to compare it to my right arm. I followed the directions which I will share below and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. My arm was hair free except for a few strays and that was probably due to me not leaving the cream on long enough. The hair on my arms is quite fair so others probably won't notice the difference but I definitely did.

So I decided to expand my trial and asked my lovely boyfriend Jason if he would let me apply the cream to his back. Please be kind to the photos below, this is something he has always been self conscious about and I wanted to see if the Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream would work to remove the hair.


Marisa Robinson Beauty Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream

Below are the recommended directions for use by Nair.

Apply cream outside of the shower. Skin must be dry before application. Apply a thick even layer of cream to the desired area ensuring all hair is covered. DO NOT RUB IN. Wait at least 1- 2 minutes before showering.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream

Step into the shower and follow your usual routine. For optimum product performance, keep cream away from direct stream of water. Make sure the cream stays on your skin for at least an additional 3 minutes while in the shower. DO NOT EXCEED 10 MINUTES of total application time.

Total hair removal depends on hair thickness. Use a washcloth or sponge to remove the cream in a small area first. If the hair comes off easily, remove the rest of the cream by massaging in a circular motion. If the hair does not come off, leave the cream on longer without exceeding 10 minutes of total application time.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream

Once the cream and hair have been removed, RINSE SKIN THOROUGHLY UNDER THE SHOWER. DO NOT RUB. Rinse washcloth or sponge. Wipe the tube clean and replace the cap when not in use.

Note - the redness on the upper back was from him scratching his back earlier, not due to having a reaction from the cream.


Marisa Robinson Beauty Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream

As you can see from the before and after photos the results are incredible! The cream has removed almost all the hair leaving only a few patches, which again could have been because I didn't leave the cream on those areas long enough. We went over those areas following the same steps and the hair came right off leaving his back totally hair free. The fact you can remove the hair in the shower makes the process easy with minimal mess.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream

Jason had the following to say about the results:
It sure beats the pain of getting the hair waxed or lasered off! The whole process was completed in under ten minutes. While it definitely feels a little weird to have all that hair removed, I do feel more comfortable and confident with it gone. 

The Nair Senstive Hair Removal Shower Cream is a Depilation (means ‘removing the hair’) Cream. A depilatory is simply a cream or lotion for removing unwanted hair. A strong, alkaline based cream is placed on the hair and reacts with the protein structure of the hair to break down the hair follicle, until it turns jelly-like. The depilatory hair removal process takes between 3 - 10 minutes before it can be easily wiped off with a warm towel or washed off with water. It's considered to be a fast, inexpensive and easy method of hair removal.

The Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream can be purchased in store and online from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Big W, My Chemist and your local Coles and Woolworths supermarkets. A 200ml tube retails for under $15 AUD.

Have you tried the Nair Hair Removal range before? What is your preferred method of removing hair?


*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.