New Year, New Intentions with Stoned Crystals

The Art of Setting Intentions Stoned Crystals

We are officially into the third month of 2018 - can you believe how fast time is flying?! This is also the time of year I usually realise my New Years resolutions have flown out the window and I have stuck to nothing I aimed to do. But this year is different and it's all thanks to the art of setting intentions instead of resolutions.

I first learnt about this philosophy through Stoned Crystals who explains that "resolutions have negative connotations which don’t help us achieve our goals. By focusing our energy on ‘fixing’ the things that are ‘wrong’ with us we can be met with feelings of anxiety, depression and failure."

As soon as I read this it really hit home and I realised that it is why I have never accomplished any of my resolutions in the past. I was always focused on the negative or what was already wrong with me that it often felt too far gone to be fixed when that was never the case at all.

"By setting intentions we are programming our minds with positive mantras and affirmations that return the life experiences we seek. Setting intentions is not something we should only think about once at the beginning of the year, like a resolution. It is something that we should repeat to ourselves daily to ensure we don’t stray from our path and are always checking in to make sure that our thoughts and our actions are in line with our intentions."

With the help of my crystals and the Stone Crystals Intention Cards I set a few intentions for myself in 2018 and in this blog post I am going to share the progress of each and how I have managed to stick to them by not labelling them resolutions.

Resolution Was: I will no longer use products tested on animals
My Intention: I will make Cruelty Free purchases and recommendations
By educating myself on which products/brands are cruelty free I can make conscious future decisions which will no longer be a threat to our furry friends. By also having this knowledge I can make recommendations to friends and on my blog on products which aren't tested on animals to help encourage others to make cruelty free choices. 

Resolution Was: Stop Eating Meat
My Intention: I will respect my body and fill it with healthy plant based and nutritious foods
Rather than feel like I am denying myself of meat I have found alternative foods to give my body the nutrients it needs. By taking this approach I don't feel like I am missing out on meat and have discovered amazing new foods which are better for me.

Resolution Was: To Lose Weight By Going To The Gym
My Intention: My body is a temple and I will work to make it stronger
Instead of putting pressure on myself to lose weight and go to the gym X times a week, I have made the intention to focus on my body being stronger. It is no longer about losing weight or the number on the scales but how strong I feel physically and mentally.

To help with my intentions I activate my crystals and create positive intentions using them. I then draw a quote card from the Stoned Crystal Intention Card Deck and display it in the included perspex frame on my desk as a luxe reminder and to keep me on track.

Need some help setting your own intentions without contradiction, hidden agendas, conflict or ambiguity? Here is a step by step guide by Stoned Crystals founder Ashley Bellino to help you set intentions or how to get back on track with our goals when they fall to the wayside.

1. Find a quite place to still the mind and get to the core of what you want to manifest
It is ideal that when we plant the seed of intention that we are in a restful space where your awareness remains focused on what you are trying to manifest. Intentions are much more powerful when they come from a place of contentment rather than if it arises from a sense of ‘lack’ or ‘need’. A great time to do this is before or after meditation, especially first thing in the morning.

2. Develop a positive intention as a clean phrase
Before you state your intention it’s important to think about a few things:
What is it that I really seek?
Is it this or something else?
Is it based on want or sense of lack?
What would make me a better version of myself?

Questions like these will help you turn negative phrased aspirations into positive goals. For example, instead of focusing on the need for more money your intention could be ‘Prosperity flows through me and my needs will be met with ease and grace’. This has turned something potentially negative into a positive statement that doesn’t actually focus on needing excess and promotes peace and love.

3. State and repeat your intention, let it act as a reminder.
State and repeat your intentions out load. Our voice is an incredible tool that helps to secure our state of mind. Writing our intentions down is always a fantastic way to manifest them into the world around us. Place your written down intentions throughout your home space to ensure it acts as a reminder to keep your thoughts and actions in line with your intentions.

Are you still on track with your new year resolutions or are you going to re-evaluate and set some intentions instead?


*These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.