NIVEA Invisible for Black and White 'Fresh' Anti-Perspirant

Marisa Robinson Beauty NIVEA Invisible

My all time favourite deodorant, the NIVEA Invisible for Black & White Anti Perspirant, is now available in a fab new scent, Fresh. As the name suggests the new fragrance is an invigorating Oolong scent for women with notes of bergamot, white tea, and sandalwood while the men’s fragrance includes notes of grapefruit, lavender, and musk.

I have been using the Invisible OG for the past few years and because of my predominately black wardrobe it became a fast favourite. Not only because it provides 48 hour protection against odour and perspiration but because it helps to protect my clothes against yellow stains and white marks on dark fabrics.

This innovative formula works by using aluminium salts to dissolve white residue in an emulsion, masked with oils. This anti-white mark technology makes white residue invisible.

In this blog post I caught up with NIVEA Skincare expert Robyn Hutch to ask her more about the new Invisible for Black and White 'Fresh' Anti-perspirant.

How did you come up with the black and white deodorant concept/formula?
NIVEA recognised that not only were white marks on black clothing a problem, but yellow marks on white clothing were too. The development of the yellow stains is not only caused by the active antiperspirant ingredient in the product, but is a complex interaction of dermal fat, washing powder, active ingredient and washing temperature.

So we developed a product that could tackle these problems with an innovative formulation. NIVEA’s Invisible for Black & White contains a special ingredient which reduces the adhesion of the active components to a fabric, therefore allowing it to be washed away producing significant reductions in yellow staining.  At last, a product to prevent white stains on dark clothes and to reduce yellow stains on white shirts.

With the help of a textile research institute in Germany, Hohenstein these results were tested and verified for our NIVEA Invisible for Black & White range.

Is the new 'Fresh' B&W deodorant safe for people with sensitive skin?
All of NIVEA’s products are dermatologically tested for skin compatibility however,  NIVEA Invisible for Black & White was not specifically tested on sensitive skin. If you do know that you have sensitive skin, we recommend doing a patch test of the product first before use.

Marisa Robinson Beauty NIVEA Invisible

If you and your family have a predominately black wardrobe or whites tend to get stained you will love this deodorant which is available in a 250ml aerosol spray or 50ml roll on.

Have you tried the NIVEA Invisible range?


*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.