No Pong All Natural, Anti Odourant Review

Marisa Robinson Beauty No Pong Natural Anti Odourant

The morning after I removed products which were tested on animals from my bathroom vanity I reached for my deodorant only to realise I didn't have any! All the brands I had weren't cruelty free and were either tossed or donated to charity. Thank goodness I was sent samples of the No Pong all natural, anti odourant to try and now was the perfect time to put it to the test!

I will admit I had these samples before my CF journey started and it wasn't love at first application. I was used to the convenience of a spray deodorant and using this balm seemed inconvenient - it isn't really I am just lazy. But with no other alternative I decided to give it a proper go and share my thoughts.

What Is No Pong?
No Pong is an extremely effective, All Natural, Anti Odourant made from all natural ingredients, blended together to create a sweat resistant, all day deodorant. It is 100% paraben, aluminium, cruelty and plastic free!

No Pong comes in two formulas: original and bicarb free which is great for people with sensitive skin as it has low fragrance and is bicarb free as the name suggests.

The formula is contained in a handy 35g tin which fits conveniently in your vanity, purse or gym bag for reapplication if required.

No Pong keeps you fresh for up to 12 hours.

How To Use
Application is easy. Simply pop off the lid, run your finger round the balm and apply to your armpits like you would a lotion or cream. As a creature of habit I was just used to using a spray deodorant but once I started using No Pong it was a cinch, rubbed in easily and left my pits smelling fresh as a daisy!

Marisa Robinson Beauty No Pong Natural Anti Odourant

No Pong First Impressions
As I mentioned I wasn't crazy about this to start only because I was used to the convenience of spray deodorant but after using it for a few weeks I am loving it! The formula rubs in easily to my arm pits, isn't sticky or messy and keeps me feeling fresh all day!

When I am working (I have a desk job) I apply once it the morning after my shower and it leaves me feeling fresh all day. I have been using both the original and bicarb free formula and while I don't have sensitive skin I enjoy them both, probably the original a little more because of the fresh, citrusy scent.

When I go to the gym I apply it before I work out and it lasts throughout my session where I do tend to sweat a lot. Then I re-apply after I shower and I am good to go all day!

I will definitely continue to use No Pong, not only because it is natural, cruelty free and Australian made, but because it really works and it is an affordable solution.

Shop the No Pong range online or join their monthly club so you are never without!

Marisa Robinson Beauty No Pong Natural Anti Odourant

Have you tried No Pong or cream deodorant before? Let me know your faves below.


*These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.