NYE Glam Makeup - Australis Glitterti Lip Kit

Marisa Robinson Beauty Australis Glitterati Lip Kit

New Years Eve wouldn't be complete without some glitter glam so I decided to bring in 2018 with a gold glitter lip and a super glam makeup look.

In this post I will share how I created this gold glitter lip using the Australis Glitterati Lip Kit.

I applied the rest of my makeup and saved the glitter lip for last. Each Glitterati Lip Kit comes with a glitter pot, applicator and lip bond.

Before application I ensured my lips were clean and free of makeup using micellar water on a cotton pad. I did a test patch prior and found that the glitter didn't stick as well on top of other products which is why I applied it to a bare lip.

Open the glitter pot and place it on a tissue to collect any fall out. Take the lip bond and apply it in small sections, starting with your bottom lip, and press the loose glitter on top with the applicator. By working in small areas I found I got the coverage I desired. Continue applying to the bottom and top lip until they are complete covered but don't build it up too much or else it may crack and flake off.

Then pucker up and give your best glitter pout!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Australis Glitterati Lip Kit

For this look I teamed up with one of my fave blogger babes Temporary Princess who looked RED HOT rocking the Red Glitterati Lip.

The limited edition Australis Glitterati Lip Kits are available in 4 colours: red, purple, gold and silver for only $14.95 online at Australis or at Priceline.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Australis Glitterati Lip Kit

Would you dare to wear a glitter lip?


Marisa Robinson Beauty Australis Glitterati Lip Kit

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