Opallac Gel Polish Kit Review + Video

Marisa Robinson Beauty Opallac Gel Nail Polish

There is nothing better than a fresh mani besides a professional manicure which you can achieve in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to Opallac and their At Home Starter Kit you can now pamper yourself with a gel manicure any time you please!

I was recently gifted the Opallac Gel Polish At Home Starter Kit so I could try it out for myself. I generally just wear normal nail polishes and apply a top coat, nothing fancy, so I was curious to see the results and the difference between gel and a regular polish.

So you can see how easy it really is I filmed the application process from start to finish using the Opallac shade 'Sugar Blossom' from their new Pretty In Pink Gel Duo.

1. Wash your hands and ensure they are free of any creams and oils.
2. File your nails to the desired shape.
3. Lightly buff the nail surface.
4. Apply a thin layer of Opallac UV Base Coat.
5. Cure for 90 seconds under the Opallac LED Lamp.
6. Apply the 1st thin coat of your chosen Opallac UV Colour.
7. Cure for 90 seconds.
8. Apply the 2nd thin coat of your chosen Opallac UV Colour.
9. Cure for 90 seconds.
9. Apply a thin layer of the Opallac UV Top Coat.
10. Cure for 90 seconds.
11. Remove any sticky residue from the nails by saturating a cotton pad with the Opallac 2-in-1 Shine & Soak Solution.
12. Ta-Da! Your Opallac Gel Manicure is complete! 

I am so impressed by the results of my Opallac Gel manicure. You are definitely achieving salon results at home and it works out to be a fraction of the price! I spoke to a friend who gets gel nails regularly and she pays approx. $30 per gel manicure. The Opallac At Home Starter Kit is only $99 and you receive everything you need, including the LED lamp, top coat, base coat, files, solution, remover wraps and 3 gel polish shades, which works out to be better value as it will provide you with more than 3 manicures compared to the salon!

This is my second attempt at gel nails at home and I did much better this time around. The first time I didn't apply the layers of polish thin enough and they were a bit thick but the key is definitely thin layers and with 2 layers of colour you will definitely get an even coverage.

My nails look great, the finish has a beautiful shine and I love that it isn't causing any damage to my natural nail, unlike acrylic nails which I tried a few times that left my nails paper thin! I also love that they are chip proof and that they don't get marked like a regular nail polish so it looks like a fresh manicure the whole time!

If you would like more comparisons between a gel polish and a regular nail polish check out this helpful article Opallac have on their website.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Opallac Gel Nail Polish

If you want to remove the gel polish or change colours it is also really easy! You simply soak off the polish using the 2-in-1 Shine & Soak solution and included Gel Remover Wraps.

Opallac is available online or from your nearest Priceline store and they have an At Home Starter Kit available for only $99 which has everything you need including the LED UV Lamp, Shine & Soak Solution, Nail Files, Buffing Brick and 3 beautiful Opallac Gel shades.

What is your preferred nail finish? Are you a gel girl?


*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.