Smile Labs Parramatta Teeth Whitening Review

Marisa Robinson Beauty Smile Labs Parramatta Teeth Whitening

Today I had my first professional teeth whitening session! I have dabbled with at-home whitening kits and after not achieving very successful results it was time to consult the professionals.

In this blog post I am going to share my teeth whitening experience at Smile Labs Parramatta as well as my before and after shots so you can see the results!

I have never had professional teeth whitening before but have dabbled with at home whitening kits and used whitening toothpastes.

I didn't have much luck with the whitening kit. I tried one of the ones with the mouth guard that you filled with the whitening gel and then put the little blue light in your mouth to activate it. For one it didn't work that well, it only made parts of my teeth white which ended up making them look patchy and worse than when I started. They also made my teeth and gums super sensitive which I did not like so I threw that one out.

Then I started using whitening toothpastes. A couple made my teeth so sensitive it was ridiculous but then I found one which I love and seemed to make my teeth whiter but it was a longer process.

I am all about instant results so when the Smile Labs at Parramatta reached out to do a collab I was 100% onboard and couldn't wait to have my teeth professionally whitened.

Smile Labs have 5 locations: Albury, Central Coast, Newcastle, Parramatta and Shepparton. I visited the Parramatta Lab which is located at 57 Macquarie Street inside the Fitness First building. The lab is neatly set up with three reclining chairs positioned in front of a vanity and a mirror which is wear the treatments take place. I was greeted by Niki who was so lovely and explained how the process worked. Once we had the formalities out of the way it was time to get started!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Smile Labs Teeth Whitening

We start the session by determining the current shade of my teeth by using the teeth whitening matrix which is a set of model teeth of all different colours, white to discoloured. You simply hold one up to your canine tooth, as this is the tooth you use most often, and go through them until you find a match. My teeth were the shade 24 prior to the teeth whitening treatment.

Before the treatment is started you wipe your teeth with a special 'glove' which slips over your index finger. This is to ensure there is nothing on your teeth and that they are clean.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Smile Labs Teeth Whitening

Then it is time to get comfortable in the reclining chair, put on your bib and insert the clear plastic clamp to keep your mouth open and your teeth exposed. This feels so strange and I couldn't stop laughing as I tried to put it in which didn't help! Once I got over my case of the giggles it was in and I reclined back and popped on my stylish red glasses. The Smile Lab at Parramatta is all about comfort while you have your session and provide you with a soft neck pillow, padded comfy headphones and a tablet, which is positioned just above your head, to watch YouTube or Stan. I made the most of that hour and caught up on some of my fave beauty vloggers!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Smile Labs Teeth Whitening

Now it is time to get started. During a 1 hour session they reapply the whitening gel 4 times every 15 minutes. Niki applied the whitening gel using a twist pen applicator and simply painted it onto my top and bottom teeth. This is the Smile Labs patented Applia Brush™ Paint-On Technique and it made application extremely accurate. I didn't feel anything as she was applying it and once done she places the Infinity™ Pro SL Whitening Accelerator Light over your mouth (it doesn't touch your face at all) and you sit back and relax as it works its magic! The light technology system works by accelerating the chemical reaction, rapidly speeding up the treatment time.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Smile Labs Teeth Whitening

The whitening gel is Hydrogen Peroxide which is proven to be very effective and very safe. The dental industry has used it in teeth whitening for over twenty years and their specifically created gel does not change or damage the structure of teeth, there is no harm done to the enamel, dentine or the teeth at all; it merely makes teeth whiter and brighter.

My teeth whitening session went for 1 hour and during that time it was probably around the 20 minute mark that my gums started to feel a little tingly and mild discomfort. I am not actually sure if it was whitening gel or the clear plastic mouth clamp but when I moved my mouth around it went away and I felt fine. Niki explained it was normal to feel that way and also asked me throughout the session how I was feeling, ensuring I was relaxed and comfortable.

I can't remember the last time I did nothing for an hour but watching YouTube videos of Chrisspy definitely made the time fly by.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Smile Labs Teeth Whitening

Every 15 minutes the blue light automatically switches off and Niki came and reapplied the gel to my teeth.

Once the hour is over you sit up and remove the plastic mouth clamp and then swish a green mouth wash around in your mouth to remove any excess gel. Once you spit that out it is time to see the results.

Just like we started we compared my teeth to the teeth whitening matrix after the treatment. After my 1 hour session my teeth had gone from 24 to S14 - 10 shades whiter!

The top shot is BEFORE and the bottom is directly AFTER the 1 hour whitening treatment. The white on my gums is excess gel which dissolved away within an hour. Once I got home my teeth looked like they had 'settled' and were solid white, while the pic above looks a little patchy.

The top shot is BEFORE and the bottom is directly AFTER the 1 hour whitening treatment. The white on my gums is excess gel which dissolved away within an hour. Once I got home my teeth looked like they had 'settled' and were solid white, while the pic above looks a little patchy.

My mouth felt a little achy, probably from being wide open for an hour but my teeth and gums felt fine. To be on the safe side I applied a small amount of Difflam Mouth Gel to my gums using a surgical style cotton tip. There was a little bit of excess gel on my gums but Niki assured me it would dissolve away completely in a couple of hours (and it did).

They recommend not to eat for an hour after the whitening session and not to have any food or drinks which may stain your teeth within 48 hours of the treatment as the pores in your teeth enamel are still open.

Once I got home I took a good look and was totally in love with the results. My teeth are visibly whiter and so sparkly! I can't stop smiling and taking selfies haha!

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Marisa Robinson Beauty Smile Labs Parramatta Teeth Whitening

If teeth whitening is something you have been considering I couldn't recommend Smile Labs Parramatta more. If you are worried because you have sensitive teeth or gums consult your dentist first or start with a 15 minute session and see if you like it. I have wanted my teeth this white for a long time and the fact the results are immediate will have me going back again and again!


*Thank you so much to Smile Labs Parramatta for my complementary 1 hour teeth whitening session. *This treatment was provided in exchange for a review. Treatment was tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.