Spacemasks Review + First Impressions

Marisa Robinson Beauty Spacemasks Review

This week I was kindly sent a Spacemask to try and I did not waste any time in putting it to the test! I had first seen the Spacemask on Ash's (AKA Ms Tantrum Blog) Instagram feed and I was so curious after hearing her experience that I couldn't wait to try it for myself!

So what is a Spacemask?
A Spacemask is a self-heating eye mask which will transport you to another dimension - relieving tiredness, eye strain and many other Earthly tensions. The warmth comes alive as soon as you open it. So make sure you're full reclined and ready for lift off!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Spacemasks Review

But how does it heat up?
Within a couple of minutes of removing the mask from the foil packet it warms up. I love that it securely stays on the face using the ear hooks so you can sit back and relax. Once the mask is exposed to oxygen molecules in the atmosphere it creates a natural heat exchange with the mask's iron particles which allows it to become warm and toasty on your face. The mask also contains essence of jasmine, one of my favourite scents I like to spray before slumber to fully relax and unwind, which I thought was a nice touch.

First impressions
I must admit I was a bit hasty in using this and pulled it out of the packet before being ready to relax. So I rushed to the lounge, put on my comfiest pants, sat back and relaxed. The heat from the mask is very comfortable, it isn't hot, and it literally relaxed every muscle around my eyes. I spend a lot of time on the computer and don't always wear my glasses so it was such a nice way to relax and give my eyes a rest. I also became very sleepy while having this on my face so I recommend saving it for before bed time or when you don't have anything else to do so you can fully enjoy the moment!

Would I buy it again?
Hell yes! In fact I have already placed an order for another one because I loved it so much! I highly recommend a Spacemask if you are wanting some RnR and feel like escaping the madness of our hectic lifestyles. I love that it is warming, especially in winter, as eye sheet masks make me feel cold

Marisa Robinson Beauty Spacemasks Review

I want a Spacemask!
You can buy Spacemasks online from and they are £15 for a box of 5 plus postage and they ship worldwide, HORAY! I just placed my order and it was $40 AUD which works out to be $8 AUD a mask inc postage which is damn good to me!

Have you tried Spacemasks or anything like this before? Let me know in the comments below!


*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.