Summer Skin Guide: Part 2 - Faux That Glow

Marisa Robinson Makeup Artist Summer Skin Guide Part 2 Faux That Glow


Summer is less than a month away and my pasty skin is in desperate need of some colour, stat! Thankfully with so many fabulous formulas on the market we don't need to jeopardise our health or skin for the sake of a tan!

While it is nice to soak up the summer sun you should always protect your skin with an SPF of at least 30+. The suns harsh UV rays are stronger than ever and lack of protection can lead to sun damaged skin, premature ageing or worse: skin cancer. I will talk more about skin protection in part 3 of my summer skin guide which is coming soon!

In this post I am sharing some of my favourite self, gradual and temporary tanners that I love to use to faux my summer glow!

Skill Level - 8

For a longer lasting tan there are some amazing self tanners available to get your glow on! From foams to sprays in an array of different shades, there is definitely a self tanner to suit everyone!

Rimmel SunShimmer Self Tan Mousse*
For a fast, long lasting self tanner I love the Rimmel SunShimmer Self Tan Mousse! The pump action bottle distributes the perfect amount of the velvety mousse formula so it is easy to control and when applied using a tanning application mitt provides a natural and even coverage. It's available in three different shades but I personally like to use 'Light' for a natural, sun kissed glow which dries in minutes, develops in an hour and lasts up to 7 days!

St Tropez Bronzing Mist*
To achieve a professional, at home spray tan the St Tropez Bronzing Mist works a treat! The secret is in the 360° spray technology which allows you to spray at any angle and apply to hard to reach places, such as your back, with ease. After you have prepped your skin, hold the can approximately 20-30cm away from the body and spray continuously for an even, natural tan. It contains aloe vera to help moisturise the skin and is made using their innovative Aromaguard fragrance technology to eliminates that fake tan scent!


Skill Level - 4

If you want to up your glow game but don't want to risk looking like an oompa loompa a gradual tanner is a great option! As the name suggests you control the shade of your tan by the number of daily coats you apply. One to two applications will get you a nice healthy glow but 3 or more applications will give you gorgeous, sun-kissed holiday skin!

Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self Tan Drops*
I recently discovered Tan-Luxe and not a moment too soon! I generally resist tanning my face and just use a BB Cream or foundation to match my body but not this Summer! Now I can give my face and body a flawless glow with Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self Tan Drops. You simply mix a few drops into your daily moisturiser and apply it to your face and body for a tailor made faux glow! For my fair skin tone, I was advised to add two drops to my daily moisturiser and after only two days my skin looked sun kissed and healthier than ever! This is a fabulous fool proof product and contains essential vitamins and oils so it doesn't have that nasty fake tan smell!

Rimmel SunShimmer Instant Tan + Gradual Glow*
The Rimmel SunShimmer Instant Tan + Gradual Glow should technically fall into the gradual and instant tan categories because of its amazing 2 in 1 formula! For an instant tan apply straight to the body and then wash off at the end of the day. But apply regularly and it develops into a gorgeous, gradual glow! Available in the shade 'Light' for a natural sun kissed look and the shame 'Medium' for a healthy bronzed glow - for my fair complexion I love to use 'Light'.

Uni Organics Forever Tan Gradual Tan Moisturiser for Face and Body*
Not too dark, not orange, not streaky - just a beautiful golden glow which looks nice and natural, just the way I like it. The Uni Organics Forever Tan Gradual Tan Moisturiser is Australian made and owned, not tested on animals, is vegan friendly, certified organic and contains plant based ingredients so you're not applying any nasties to your skin! What I love about this formula is that it is white in colour so you can see where you have gone a little heavy handed and blend it evenly into the skin. For before and after pictures and to read my full review check out my Believe The Hype blog post here.


Skill Level - 1

If you are intimidated by the thought of self tanning but still want that golden glow you can't go past body bronzing lotions! They are fuss free, easy to apply and simply wash off at the end of the day/night! I especially love using them in between tans or to intensify my tan for super, sun kissed skin!

Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines Body Bronzer*
When Benefit extended their cult classic 'Hoola' range to include an allover body bronzer and matte liquid face bronzer I felt like all my Christmases had come at once! I was lucky enough to be at ipsy Gen Beauty in L.A earlier this year and not only did I get to meet some hoola hunks but I got to try the product first hand and learn how to achieve that beautiful golden glow! Zero Tanlines has definitely become a fast favourite, not only does it glides on like a dream but it smells great and the built-in sponge applicator means zero mess!

St Tropez Instant Tan Face and Body Lotion*
For a one night only golden glow look no further than the St Tropez Instant Tan Face and Body Lotion. Available in two shades, light/medium and medium/dark, this instant tanner is perfect for anyone who wants a 24-hour commitment free tan! It is also water and transfer resistant so you don't need to worry about it getting on your clothes! 

Sportsgirl Metallic Body Glow - Instant Body Shimmering Cream
This was one of the first body bronzers I ever bought and when I was younger I would wear it religiously, especially on my legs, when I went out! It is really easy to apply and at only $12.95 a tube, extremely affordable! The packaging has changed a few times over the years but this winning formula has never let me down!


Make sure you thoroughly exfoliate your skin before applying your tan. I like to use a body exfoliating scrub or an exfoliating mitt when showering to remove any dry skin and create a smooth, silky base.

For streak-free results and stain-free hands, apply your tan using an application mitt. Simply slip it onto your hand, apply the tan to the mitt and work it in circular motions to evenly distribute the tan over the body. Most mitts are reusable so be sure to wash it in warm, soapy water, rinse well and hang it out to dry so it is ready for your next application!

Apply tan sparsely over elbows, knees, ankles, feet, wrists and hands. If too much is applied it can often look unnatural and blotchy. After I have finished tanning my body I like to use the excess tan which is left on the mitt and lightly glide it over those areas.

Self tanners are not an alternative to sunscreen and will not protect your skin against the sun. Always be sure to slip, slop, slap and take care of the skin you're in!

No matter how desperately you want a tan don't get in a tanning bed. These are extremely dangerous and the main cause of skin cancer and melanoma.

What products do you love to use to faux your summer glow? Let me know in the comments below so I can check them out!

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*Some of these products were sent to me in exchange for a review. The products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.