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Marisa Robinson Beauty Support Not Sabotage

For this blog post I have collabed with the gorgeous Mel from Aussie Beauty Talk to discuss a movement we are both very passionate about, #SupportNotSabotage. Please be sure to check out her post and leave her a comment to show some support!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Aussie Beauty Talk Support Not Sabotage

I first discovered this tag from Mel a couple of years ago and it immediately inspired me to try to support and encourage others in the blogging community. While I am still a small fish in a big pond I remember what it was like starting out and if it wasn't for the support and advice of fellow bloggers (Leah from Temporary Princess, Crystal from Sometimes Glam and Rosa from Lipstick n Linguine I am looking at you!) then I definitely wouldn't be where I am today!

But unfortunately I know we aren't all blessed to be part of a supportive squad in what can be a very competitive community. We are all hustling hard to create amazing content and make our voice be heard in a very crowded space. It can also be easy to fall into the comparison trap and be jealous of others achievements without knowing the struggles that might be going on behind the scenes or how hard they have worked for that one small win. But at the end of the day we all have one thing in common: we are passionate about blogging, content creation and sharing that with the world in our own unique way.

Despite talking about similar topics it is important to remember we are all different and no one will ever be the same as you.

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So instead of feeling threatened, intimidated or trying to climb over people to get to the top why not work together, lift each other up and succeed together?

Here are a few ways I like to try and support others in the blogging community:

My Blogger Spotlight Series
Where I profile some of my favourite beauty bloggers not only so I can get to know them better but so I can share them with my readers and celebrate the amazing work they do!

InstaStory Shout Outs
Every now and then I like to share the love and screenshot and tag my fave accounts and feature them in my InstaStories.

Random Acts of Kindness
Sometimes I will send products to fellow bloggers for them to try. It may be a product they haven't tried before or if I happen to receive a double up I will give one away so someone else can enjoy it too.

I am a huge believer in karma and what you put out will come back to you. It can be as simple as sending a private message congratulating someone on their success or letting them know how their post has changed your day. It will mean a lot more to them than you think!

I find that when I have a supportive squad I feel more empowered to do anything. They are there to support you, you're there to support them and give each other a pep talk when the Instagram algorithm is getting you down! It is also a lot more fun to share in success together. Don't forget to let new people in too and try not to adopt a Mean Girls 'You can't sit with us' attitude - it can be a very intimidating community at the best of times so being friendly and sharing the love will  go a long way and create a much more positive community. 


Be sure to check out Mel's #SupportNotSabotage post for her thoughts on this movement and how she likes to share the love in the community!

So who is ready to join the #SupportNotSabotage squad?
Comment below and let us know how you like to share the love and support your squad!