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Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Scout Cosmetics

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the Scout Cosmetics Nutraceuticals Skincare range and hearing from founder and creative director Sylvie Hutchings. Since then I have fallen in love with this natural and nourishing super food skincare range and it has done wonders for my skin!

In this post I catch up with Sylvie to learn more about the collection and get her top recommendations for new Scout Cosmetics customers.

Scout Cosmetics Sylvie Hutchings

Congratulations on your new Super Food Skincare Range, the new products are fabulous and so gentle on the skin! What made you decide to expand your makeup line to include a skincare range?
Thank you.  As you know - Beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin. I wanted to address some of the skin concerns I was being asked by our customers. Apart from the fact that I have been making my own skincare for years and I think too that it was a natural progression to add the Super Food skincare to our range of products.

The new products contain certified organic Super Food and native Australian extracts. How long did it take to develop these products and decide which ingredients were most important?
It really is a very lengthy process to develop new products. You start with an idea and then there are so many steps that need to be ticked off before you can even begin to think about launching it!!!  So all in all at least 18 months.

I was really inspired to hear that you developed your Eco-Luxe 5 Free Nail Polish range while undergoing chemotherapy as a safer alternative to other nail polishes on the market. Can you tell us more about the innovative formula and how it came about?
The treatment for cancer is brutal and affects every organ in the body. When I was going through my treatment my fingernails were peeling and flaking off, some falling off. The nurses in the Chemo suite were encouraging me to paint my nails as this would help strengthen them. My immediate thought was ‘no more chemicals’!! Anyway, I was inspired to research formulations for nails polishes and found one that did not contain the known toxic ingredients. Two months after my treatment was complete we launched our beautiful range of Breathable Nail polishes.

If you had to recommend one makeup and one skincare product for a first time Scout Cosmetics customer what would they be?
Our foundations are amazing and allow the skin to breathe. So that would cover the makeup product and the skincare product I would recommend would be the Cell Renewal Peptide Serum

What can we expect to see next from Scout Cosmetics?
I am currently working on some new and exciting products to join our skincare and nail polish ranges to be released later this year. Keep an eye out!

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Scout Cosmetics

The Scout Cosmetics range of skincare and makeup is available online at

Have you tried the Scout Cosmetics range? What products are you loving?


*These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. Products have been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.