Why You Need A Jade Roller

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Jade Roller

I have been seeing Jade Rollers more and more lately so I had to get one for myself and see if they lived up to the hype.

In this post I share a bit of history about the jade roller, how to use it, the benefits and my final thoughts.

Jade Rollers (also known as Yuroll) have been used in Chinese culture for centuries and were traditionally used to withdraw negative chi and by emperors as part of their beauty regimen. 

Jade is a natural stone known for its healing and energy properties and comes in green, white and other shades. I have also seen some made of pink rose quartz.

Jade rollers are available as dual ended or with a single roller. The double sided roller has a larger facial roller on one end and a smaller roller on the other end for around the eyes, nose and temple area.

Be sure to carefully select a jade roller made of real jade stone and avoid plastic models or cheap imitations as they will not have the same benefits.


I bought my dual ended White Jade Roller from Dusk By Adele and keep it on a side table in the lounge room so I remember to use it for 5 minutes every night as I watch my favourite flicks. You can also keep it in the fridge so it has a stronger cooling effect but I know if I put it in there I will forget about it!

A gorgeous, subtle energetic healing can be felt coming from these stunning white jade rollers. White jade is known for purity, cleansing, and connecting with the divine.
— Dusk By Adele

Before you start wash, cleanse and dry your face and neck.

Apply a few drops of your favourite facial oil, serum or moisturiser to your face and neck and with the larger facial roller, start rolling in an upwards and outwards motion starting from your neck and working your way up to your forehead finishing at your hairline.

When you get to your nose and eye area, flip the roller around and use the smaller roller to concentrate around these delicate areas continuing in an upwards motion.

To clear the sinuses place the jade roller vertically on the area and roll back and forth away from the nose area.

Start with a light pressure and then increase the pressure, being gentle around the delicate eye area.

Use for 3-5 minutes every morning to give your skin a natural boost and glow or at night for a calming massage and to improve the blood circulation.

Tip: You can also use a jade roller over the top of a facial sheet mask to help the serum penetrate deeply into the skin.

Marisa Robinson Beauty Blogger Jade Roller

Improves facial circulation and skin tone
Brightens your complexion
Minimises fine lines
Cooling and can soothe redness and rosacea
Drains congested lymph nodes
Reduces body toxins
Decongests sinuses
Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
Stimulates collagen production
Tones facial muscles
Increases absorption of facial oils, serums and moisturisers

I have gone straight to the source and referred to the Dusk By Adele website for instructions on how to care for my Jade Roller.

After using your Jade Roller, gently wipe clean using a soft cloth.

Store your Jade Roller somewhere dry and don't let it sit in a steamy bathroom, or in an area that gets damp. The delicate metal mechanism will rust if it gets wet.

You can wash it in warm salted water - however do make sure that it's completely dry before storing.

You can travel with your Jade Roller; I simply wrap mine up in a clean, dry face cloth to protect it.

I really enjoy using my jade roller. Not only does it awaken my skin but it's a relaxing facial massage which is a great way to end the day. The first couple of times I used my jade roller I definitely noticed a difference as it decongested my sinuses and it like I was getting a cold. This obviously isn't a desirable affect but I realised this was just the releasing of the toxins and after a few days I felt much better. I plan on continuing to use my jade roller and will hopefully see long term benefits - trust me I will be sharing those selfies!

Have you added a jade roller to your skincare routine?


*This product was purchased by me and this post is not sponsored. The product has been tried, tested and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.