YouTube Outage - How You Can Protect Your Content In Future

YouTube Outage Wednesday 17 October 2018

Yesterday the world experienced a 90 minute YouTube outage and everyone lost their s*#t!

I noticed the issue at about 1:30pm AEST. I had uploaded a video that morning and to be honest I thought it was a user error on my end coz I wouldn’t be surprised haha!

But after a quick Google search my mind was put at rest when I read there was an outage. I got back to work and went about my day. When I checked YouTube a couple of hours later it was all back to normal. Phew - it wasn’t just me haha!

But ignoring the outage wasn’t that easy for a lot of people who were freaking out and I don’t blame them. People spend hours creating video content to go up on YouTube and for some it is their career and livelihood. Advertisers also spend a huge amount of money getting their brand promoted and seen on YouTube so I can only image how annoyed they were. I would like to think they will be compensated in some respect but regardless it is very frustrating.

But it is also times like this where I can’t stress enough that you cannot just rely on social media platforms to host your content. Yes they all have their purpose and do an amazing job at getting exposure, engagement and building community BUT what if the outage lasted longer than 90 minutes? What if it went on for 90 days? I can only imagine the uproar and disturbance that would cause for businesses and content creators around the world.

I see so many talented and amazing bloggers only sharing their content on social media and not dedicating any time to uploading it to their blogs and for the life of me I can’t understand why! If you publish valuable blog content, optimise your site for SEO and pay your domain and hosting fees then you have a fully functioning organic traffic magnet. Now I am not saying your service provider might not ever have an outage or down time - of course it can happen which is why it is also important to have risk management plans to protect, backup and keep a copy of your blog content elsewhere such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

What is one of the most common phrases used today?
Google It’!

If your blog is optimised correctly then you have a high chance of coming up on page of search engine results. Now I realise that YouTube also gets ranked in search results but if it was to shut down permanently then you would be heavily relying on your blog to secure a top ranking result.

My point is please, for your own sake, don’t see your blog as a secondary platform. Dedicate the same time, if not more, to uploading content to your blog so that you create a well optimised platform and a strong source of traffic.

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Were you affected by the YouTube outage? Let me know in the comments below and what you do to protect your content.


YouTube Outage - How You Can Protect Your Content In Future