S.E.O Simplified:
Set Up Your Site for Success!

Do you hear S.E.O and think S.E.Oh no, don’t even get me started?! I get it, it’s scary and a little overwhelming especially when there is so much to learn and so little time!

Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O) is how your website and content is ranked organically (for FREE) in search engines such as Google. The goal, to get on page 1 so you are at the forefront of search results!

But how do you get your website on page 1 without throwing all your advertising budget on Google Adwords?
In this course I am going to explain it all, without the tech talk or jargon, so you can implement the best S.E.O practices on your website and blog, become a traffic magnet and set your site up for S.E.O success!

In this course we will cover:

How to give your site an S.E.O Audit in minutes

Keywords and how to use them

Strategically Writing Content and Titles

Site Setup - what you need to know

Alt Tags

Title Tags

Meta Descriptions

How long Title and Descriptions should be


I will give you an S.E.O checklist which you can print off and refer to whenever you are creating new content.

When you’re writing a post do you ever see the option to change your font to H1, H2, H3? These are header tags and they all help when it comes to S.E.O.